Monday 15 August 2016

SelfieMic Review

My eldest daughter is 13 now, an actual teenager so naturally she no longer plays with toys anymore. Buying gifts for her these days is a bit of a minefield as her tastes are changing all of the time, and I am never sure what to actually buy her as she likes to pick her own things. However one thing that I do know that she likes is her mobile, she is forever on her iphone, texting her friends, listening to music or playing games. 

So when we were recently asked if she would like to try out a brand new toy, which is in fact set to be one of the top ten must-have toys this Christmas I was a bit unsure if she would be interested. Her days of playing with toys are after all long gone, she does not even pay with her younger siblings these days. However, upon hearing that the 'toy' was a SelfieMic, I thought this might actually be something that she would enjoy. 

SelfieMic review

As the name suggests the SelfieMic is a selfie stick that you can fix your mobile too, it has a microphone on one end so that you can sing along and your phone on the other end to record your very own music video. A bit like a karaoke machine but via your mobile. You also get an earpiece to wear, completing the pop star look and so you can listen to the background music whilst singing along. To get started you simply download the free music app, called Starmaker to your phone. 

SelfieMic Review

Setting everything up was super easy, my teen managed to set it all up herself within minutes. The Starmaker app has lots of songs for you to choose from such as the hits from Justin Bieber, Rhianna, and Ariana Grande among many more. New songs get added regularly too. Once you have downloaded the app and set your phone up in the SelfieMic you are ready to go, you just select which song you want and you can even add filters, special effects, and autotune when creating your music videos. You can see yourself singing on the phone screen via the app, you can even save your video if you want to share with friends or just to keep private. 

SelfieMic review

Lots of the songs on the app are free to sing along with, however, some you need to purchase with tokens. You get 1000 tokens with the SelfieMic and you can also earn extra tokens the more you sing and if you hit the right notes. 

I can see why this is set to be such a huge hit this Christmas as it is a fun gadget that not only children but the whole family can have fun with. My teen has enjoyed using it with her friends and I find it much safer then apps such as which she likes to use. The SelfieMic is priced at £19.99 and would make a brilliant Christmas gift idea if you too have a teen that you are unsure what to buy for this Christmas. 

Disclosure I was sent this product free of charge, however, all opinions are my own. 


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