Tuesday 16 August 2016

Wickey Flip Sandpit Review

My three year old daughter adores sand, she adores visiting the beach and playing in the sandpits at pre-school and we had been meaning to buy her and her two year old brother a sandpit for the garden for ages. So it was perfect timing when we were recently sent a Wickey flip sandpit at the start of the summer holiday's, perfect for keeping little ones entertained in the garden whilst enjoying lazy summer days at home. 

Wickey is a brand that specialises in children's garden play equipment such as Climbing frames, swing sets, wooden playhouses and of course wooden sandpits. We were sent the popular flip sandpit, which comes with a clever hinged lid that turns into a bench for children to sit on whilst playing in the sand. The sandpit arrived flat packed in a rather small box and I was dreading building it as I thought it would take forever. I actually got my dad to build the sandpit as he is good at building things. He said the sandpit took around an hour to build, although he did have to do some measuring to get everything lined up correctly it was pretty straightforward to build.

wickey flip lid sandpit

Once built it measured 120cm x 125cm, they do have slightly bigger and smaller frames available too. The frame is made from KDI wood meaning that you do not need to treat it before use and once the sandpit is built you can set it up straight away. The sandpit does not have a bottom on it, you simply place it on a liner and then place the sandpit on top and fill it up with sand. We used four 15kg bags of children's play sand (around £3 per bag from Argos), which covered the bottom of the sandpit and was enough to play in. We will however be buying a lot more sand once we move so we can fill it more.

wickey flip lid sandpit

The thing that I really love about this sandpit is the flip lid, I love that you can close the lid to stop neighbouring cats getting into it. The lid also folds when opened to create two little benches on either side of the sandpit, these are great for children to sit on whilst playing in the sandpit. The benches would easily fit four small children on them, two on either side. You would probably have to buy an extra tarpaulin to cover the lid as the lid is slated so when it rains the sand does get wet, and I imagine leaves and bugs will get in too during the winter.

As soon as my little two set eyes on the sandpit in the garden their faces lit up and they could not wait to jump in and play. My two and three year old can easily open and close the lid on the sandpit themselves as it is super easy to operate as it just slots into place. They love sitting on a bench each and playing with the sand building sandcastles. It is so nice to see them actually playing together and enjoying each others company, they can both fit in the sandpit at the same time with plenty of room to play. They have played in the sandpit almost every day for the last two weeks and they still adore it as much as the day they first got it.

We really love this sandpit and I just know that my children will enjoy playing in this sandpit for many more years to come. It is a fantastic design, amazing quality, looks great and most importantly of all children love it. I think this sandpit would be a great addition to any family garden. 

You can buy your own Wickey Flip Sandpit from their website www.wickey.com and it is currently on offer for £70.50 reduced down from £93.25. The ground sheet is currently priced at £8.25. Delivery is normally within 2-3 working days. 

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