Sunday 7 August 2016

July 2016

I can't believe that we are now a full week into August, it does not really feel like summer here in Newcastle as we have had so few sunny days this year so far. August is set to be a busy month for us as we have lots of fun days out planned as the other half has a week off work. August is also the month that my baby boy will be turning two years old! He is my blog baby as I set this blog up to record my pregnancy with him and now he is almost two! 

Anyway as it is August I am once again writing a post about what we have been up to in the month gone by. I love writing these monthly posts as I think they are a great way to keep track of what we have been up to and I also love to look back on them. So lets have a look at what life was like in July for us. 

Tyne Bridge And Baltic Newcastle Upon Tyne River And Quayside

Personal Life

I am still going to my local Slimming World group, I am determined to stick to the plan and lose weight once and for all. I am really enjoying being back at group and eating healthy again, I find it so much easier to eat healthy in the summer as we eat a lot of salads and fruit anyway. Myself and the other half also had are monthly 'date day' at the start of the month, we are lucky that my mother in law watches the children so we can go out for a few hours child free. This month we went into Newcastle and went for a stroll along the quayside and for lunch at a nice little Italians.

My teen broke up from school for the summer holidays in the middle of the month, she will be going into year nine when she returns to school - which sounds so grown up! She has also selected all of her GCSE options which she will be starting in September, they start them a year early now. So far she is loving being off school and having lie ins most mornings, she has been out with her friends a lot and has spent the rest of the time glued to her iphone/ipad. 

Sophia broke up from pre-school and she is missing it so much already. In September she will be off to nursery school which I am feeling very nervous about. She is changing so much lately she is chatting away nonstop these days, she is still Paw Patrol crazy and would watch it all day if we let her. 

Jacob is now 23 months old and will be turning two in a few weeks time. He is doing great with his potty training and is completely dry during the day now, although I do put pull-ups on him when we go out as he hates toilets. We took him swimming for the first time this month and he is such a water baby I have never seen him so happy, I defiantly need to book him some swimming lessons soon. 

Blog Life

I have been quiet on my blog in July as I find it so had to get any work done during the holidays with the girls at home as I normally blog when Jacob naps and the girls are at school / pre-school. Even though I have been quiet on the blogging front behind the scenes it has been quiet busy blogging wise. We reviewed the new children's menu at Thaikhun in the metrocentre, which we loved. We were also invited along to Debenhams to check out the new summer kidswear range. 

Main meal Thaikhun Metrocentre

I was invited to Oulton Hall near Leeds to attend a Spa event with Little Angels nappies, keep an eye out for the blog post this week. I also interviewed TV presenter Laura Hamilton on her amazing weight loss, truly inspirational. Me and the girls also spent the day at Walltown national park in the Northumberland countryside which they enjoyed, I think I forget just how beautiful Northumberland actually is as I grew up there so take it for granted. 

Walltown Coutry park northumberland

We have reviewed some lovely toys this month such as Baby Annabell and My Fairy Garden. We have also been sent some lovely toys to review over the next few weeks, this time of year is always busy in the lead up to Christmas with toy reviews. 

While it is nice to be sent nice things to review and get paid to write sponsored posts I think the best part of blogging for me is the friendships I make. Like a lot of mums since having my little two and giving up work I get lonely, however through blogging I have met some lovely people who I would now class as friends. I have also met some other local bloggers recently at The Little Angels event and local events which has been really nice. 

August is set to be a busy month for us with Jacobs birthday celebrations, lots of family days out and we even have a trip to Scarborough planned for later in the month. I was hoping we would be moving In August but the whole process is taking forever, I have almost giving up hope of it ever happening now. So things will probably be a bit quiet on the blog over the coming weeks, as we just have so much to do and I am planning on taking lots of time off to enjoy time with my family and hopefully get ready to move at long last! Keep your fingers crossed for us moving as I think I need all the luck in the world with that one. 

Did you get up to anything nice in July ? 


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