Thursday 15 September 2016

Coping With Baby Colic

My little boy Jacob very recently turned two and lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the past two years. His baby days seem to have whizzed by in a total blur and it is only recently as he has got that little bit older that life is starting to settle down again, I finally feel like I have got this whole parenting three children thing sussed. I actually enjoy family life now as I am no longer constantly exhausted and stressed.
My youngest two children were born just 14 months apart (I know I am crazy), I had a newborn a 14-month-old and a tween - who was just starting high school. Life was hectic with three children who needed me, a house that needed cleaning and many, many sleepless nights. The first few weeks whizzed by in a blur of night feeds, constant nappy changes, non-stop laundry and copious coffee consumption.

And then my little boy was struck down with colic, every night between 6pm and 9pm he would scream in pain. Nothing would settle him, we would cuddle him, rock him, push him in the pram, pace the floor with him. Nothing at all worked, I even took him to see the GP who said it was just what babies did. We quickly worked out it was colic - which 1 in 5 babies suffer from, I tried everything to get rid of it. I enrolled him on a baby massage course, changed his bottles, kept him upright. But he was still suffering.
Then we tried him with Infacol (suitable from birth) on the advice from the local pharmacy and it actually worked! We just gave him a drop of infacol before each feed and he started bringing wind up easily, he was crying a lot less and was starting to settle a bit easier on the night times too. I could not believe the change in him, he was actually finishing his feeds rather than having a little bit and then screaming in pain and still being hungry. He was going longer than half an hour between feeds on a night time and was no longer screaming in pain for hours nonstop.
After weeks of him screaming the house down in pain every night we could actually start to enjoy him. It was so nice to spend my evenings watching TV and cuddling him on the sofa after his night feeds rather than pacing the floor for hours with him trying to settle him and get his wind up. He went from being such an unsettled little grumpy baby to a lovely happy settled boy which was a joy to watch. Infacol really was such a lifesaver for us, so much so that I recommend it to anyone I know who has a baby that is showing the signs of colic. I only wish that we had of used it sooner and we would have been able to enjoy our little boy more without those awful weeks of him suffering from colic.
Did your little ones ever suffer from colic?
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  1. Oh I remember those days. I had nightmares with chloe. It was always in the evening time too. It built up then. This is the reason why she was off for her bottles before she turned 1. She was never interested in them. My first born was the complete opposite. He was on bottles until the age of 2.

  2. I was lucky I totally missed out on this. I can imagine it being very stressful and difficult to deal with when you are tired.

  3. Erin had quite bad reflux but luckily, no colic! I'm not sure I'd have coped very well in your situation.

  4. We were very fortunate not to have to deal with colic at all, I know many of my friends children had it and it's not nice at all!

  5. Oh no poor thing sorry to hear about the colic, I suffer from acid reflux myself so I know how painful it can be xx

  6. We were actually very lucky and neither of my boys suffered with colic. I do remember one night though when my youngest was about 8 months old when he screamed uncontrollably for around two hours - they were the longest of my life, so I really feel for parents who have to deal with this long term.

  7. Yea they did. It was horrible for us all. Colief helped.

  8. Infacol was a major saviour in our house too! It is amazing the change you see in baby once it's been used. I'm glad you've found something to help your little one.

    Jordanne ||

  9. We had such nightmares with Archie, he had awful Colic and we used Infacol too which really helped. He was also quite violently sick after feeds until eventually we found out he had a milk protein allergy. I'm so glad those days are behind us but with his Autism he still doesn't bloody sleep. It's a good job I run my own business otherwise I think I'd have been sacked for still being a mombie four years on!

  10. I used Infracol with all 3 of my babies, even putting it in my hospital bag for my 3rd! Brilliant stuff.


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