Thursday 29 September 2016

Project MC2 Doll Review

We are huge Netflix fans in our household, my teen watches it on her ipad every day and my two toddlers are forever watching Paw Patrol on it. I also keep hearing from friends about a new children's TV series on Netflix called MC2, a show that is about a group of friends who like things like science, maths, art, and technology. A great way to instil in young girls that taking an interest in school subjects can be cool. There is a range of dolls to accompany the show, each featuring one of the tv shows six characters with a fun activity in with the doll. 

MC2 doll review

My girls are 13 and 3 so they are probably not the target age for these dolls and TV show, however, I know that my 13-year-old would have gone crazy for these dolls a few years ago. Even though my girls have never seen the show before we were sent a doll to review, as I just knew my 3-year-old would love the doll (she does) and that my 13-year-old would do the experiment for her. As my girl have such a big age gap of ten years they never do anything together so any chance I see to bring them together I take. 

Bryden MC2 Doll

We were sent a Bryden doll, who came with a make your own panda speaker experiment. Bryden comes in a nice outfit, a big colourful winter coat and with a rather cute backpack. My three-year-old loved her on sight and has been playing with her non-stop.

Panda apple speaker MC2

The experiment was to make your own panda speaker that you can connect to your phone. To get the speaker to work you need to fit some batteries and then you attach the wire provided from the speaker to your phone and place a slice of apple into the panda's mouth to get it to work. Myself and my teen were both skeptical that a slice of apple would make a speaker work but it actually did work. 

Panda Speaker

Overall I was really impressed with these dolls as I think that they look great and are appealing to young girls. I really like that they come with some kind of experiment that helps to teach children and I like the whole positive message that this show and these dolls portray to girls. 

You can buy these dolls priced at £24.99 each and as well as the Bryden doll we were sent you can also get. Mckeyla's glitter light bulb set, with a glitter bulb experiment. Adrienne's bath fizz teaches you how to make your own bath bomb. Devon's puffy paint will teach you how to turn household items into paint. Embers garden will teach you about the science of gardening. 

I received this doll for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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