Monday 3 October 2016

Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll Review

My little girl Sophia is three-years-old and she is really starting to notice all of the toy adverts on TV, whenever she see's something she likes she will ask for it. One toy that she has taking a bit of a shine to recently - that she has seen on TV, is the new Lalaloopsy glitter hair dough doll. Like most young girls she loves dolls, play-doh and playing with hair, so a doll that does all three really captured her attention.

lalaloopsy glitter hair dough doll review

Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough consists of a Lalaloopsy doll, she has a headpiece on that you can undo and put the dough into and if you twist her pigtails the glitter dough will come out and create 'hair' for children to style and cut. The doll is like a regular doll that little ones can play with, she comes wearing shoes and a fabric skirt and you can move her arms and legs. She also comes with a seat that you can sit her in and clip her legs into so that little ones can keep her still whilst playing with her dough hair. 

lalaloopsy glitter hair dough doll review

As well as the doll and seat the set also comes with three pots of glitter dough, pink, yellow and blue. It also comes with three interchangeable headpieces for the doll to wear, which create different hair styles. Two hair clips and a pair of plastic scissors, to style the hair with. 

Once you take the doll out the box you simply sit her in her seat, take her hair piece off and fill the space in her head with play-doh, you then put the hair piece back on and twist her pigtails to make the hair 'grow'. Sophia found this fascinating and she had such fun cutting the hair with the scissors and putting the hair clips into her hair. This toy is recommended for children aged 4 + and Sophia is only 3 but she managed to play with this toy with no problems at all, she really loves it and has had so much fun playing with it. 

Changing the hair pieces on Lalaloopsy was really easy, although I did need to do this for her. I was pleased that refilling the head with the dough was really easy too and you did not get little bits of dough stuck inside in hard to reach places either. The only thing that we did find a little frustrating was the doll kept tipping up on her stand when she was being played with, I managed to prop the doll up though with a book behind the stand. 

lalaloopsy glitter hair dough doll review

Overal Sophia really loves this toy, she has played with it for hours - with the glitter dough and also as a regular doll too. I think that any little girl would love to receive this doll for Christmas, it is a fun toy that will bring hours of fun and it looks really cute too. It certainly gets the thumbs up from my little toy tester. 

You can buy Lalaloopsy Glitter Dough Doll from all good toy shops priced at £29.99 and you can find out more on the Lalaloopsy website

Disclosure We received this doll for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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  1. That looks like a fun doll to have. T hasn't asked for a Lalalaloopys doll, I'm actually surprised because it looks so cute!


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