Sunday 9 October 2016

Furby Connect Review

I remember when Furbys first came out in the 90's, everyone went crazy for them! I was a bit too old to own a one myself as I was a teenager at the time, although I secretly wanted a one. Fast forward almost twenty years and the Furby is still around, there have been a few different versions of this iconic toy over the years. The latest edition is the Furby Connect which has recently launched and is set to be one of this years must have toys for Christmas. 

pink furby connect

Hasbro very kindly sent us our very own Furby to come and live with us, my children love it and it has become their very own pet. We were sent the pink one, which Sophia adores - they also come in blue, teal and purple too. Furby Connects are recommended for children aged 6+ and I did not think that my children would be interested in the Furby as they are not in this age range as I have a 14-year-old, a two-year-old and a three-year-old. However I need not have worried as my three-year-old is totally besotted with her new Furby, she has claimed it as her own - much to her little brother's disappointment.  

furby connect review

So what is the Furby Connect? Well it looks similar to the original Furby but it now has a light up antenna, ears that move when it talks and rather enchanting LED light up eyes that flash up over 150 different pictures. You connect your Furby to an app, which works on Apple or Android devices and helps you look after your Furby as well as being full of games and tasks. Best of all the Furby comes with a sleep mask, when you want to turn your Furby off or when it is night time you just put the mask on the Furby and it will go to sleep and turn off. 

furby connect and sleep mask

When we opened the Furby I was impressed with just how soft its fur was, it was also rather cute too. My three-year-old, Sophia fell in love with it on sight!  Setting everything up was really easy, all you need to do is put in some batteries (4 AA) and download the app which is free and super quick and easy to do and that is it. You don't need the app to first start playing but it does make things more fun. The Furby is bluetooth enabled which helps keep your Furby updated and enables you to interact with it via the app.  

furby connect and app

When using the app you can give your Furby a name, which it will learn. You can feed it with virtual food, take it to the toilet - yes really! and play games with it as well as so much more. The app gets updated all of the time and when there is something new to discover your Furby's antenna will glow blue to let you know. 

We found our Furby so much fun to play with as it babbles away in Furbish but they also speak quite a lot of normal words too, it sings and dances, moves its ears, asks you to tickle it, opens and closes its mouth and even breaks wind - much to my little girl's amusement. The thing that really captured her imagination though was the LED eyes, when you're playing with the Furby via the app or if you are just playing with it on its own its eyes are constantly showing different colours, shapes and pictures. 

Furby connect pink toy review

As my children are so young they have mainly just been playing with the Furby without the app as they don't use apps or anything yet as they are far too little. They do really enjoy just playing with the Furby on its own as they love the way it babbles away to them and the funny little moves and noises that it makes. I am really glad that it does come with the mask though to make it go to sleep as Sophia takes her Furby everywhere with her and I would have hated for it to go off during the night and wake her up. 

Furby connect Sleep mask

I will be honest when I heard that we were getting sent a Furby to review I did have some reservations, I thought that I would hate and end up taking the batteries out. I also thought that my children would not like it and I also wondered if it was worth the £99 price tag. After seeing first hand what the Furby connect is like and how much my children love it I can safely say that my children do love it, very much in fact. I actually think it is rather cute and fascinating myself if I am honest (yes I have had a play with it too). After seeing how interactive and how much fun the Furby Connect is I also now do think that it is worth the price tag too. 

I know that Furby Connect will be on lots of little one's Christmas lists this year and if your child has asked for a one for their main Christmas gift and they love interactive type toys, then I think that they will love receiving a Furby connect from Santa this Christmas. 

Disclosure We were sent a Furby Connect for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 



  1. Oh I LOVE the Furby's eye mask - what a lovely touch.

    My friends daughter had a furby when they were originally out and I secretly used to play with it! HAHA! Then Heidi had one a few years ago and loved it. Fab review x

  2. All my life, all i wanted was a little furby! but i was too old to play with one! I think its time for me to buy it, for my son though! He is going to love it!

  3. I used to have Furby's when I was younger and it looks like they are all grown up. Love that they connect to apps now.

  4. I bought my daughter one a few years ago she pestered and pestered for one and ditched it after a few months she did enjoy its though when she got it.

  5. I used to love my furby, but it did end up in my wardrobe with the batteries out haha. I've seen some of these new ones at one of my friends houses. They're actually really great. Her children loved playing with them and the new features are really great. x

  6. Oh I love the look of this. We used to have the gizmo furby!
    I imagine this to be on a lot of christmas lists this year x

  7. Oh I always wanted a Furby as well ha! That sleep mask is genius, all children's toys should come with one ;)

    Stevie xx

  8. I remember furbies from when I was younger, definitely much more high tech than back then haha but still cute!!

  9. I am jealous of the Furby's eyemask ha, what a fantastic toy and I am so glad to see they are so much better than they used to be x

  10. Haha I loved Furbys growing up and now Furbys are even better! Such a great idea and so cute xxx


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