Tuesday 4 October 2016

Num Noms Wacky Bakers

Back in the summer, we reviewed some new Num Nom toys which are cute little scented toys that kids are going crazy for! My three year old loves them, especially the little motorised ones. To coincide with The Great British Bake Off  (am I the only one who has never watched this?) we were sent some more Num Noms in the hope that they would inspire us to get creative in the kitchen and become wacky bakers! 

Num Nom

We were sent ice-cream inspired Num Noms the last time and we were recently sent some ice-pop inspired ones, which once again were a huge hit with my little girl. We were sent a pack of eight freeze pop Num Noms, which contained four colourful, scented Num Noms. Two motorised Num Noms and one mystery surprise pot, which was sushi inspired. 

Sushi Num Nom

Ice-pop and sushi-inspired recipes kind of don't appeal to me and I am a terrible baker  I have packed all are baking stuff ready to move (tiny white lie). So I decided to keep things simple and let my girls loose in the kitchen with some fruit, chocolate and sprinkles. They chopped some fruit, covered them in melted chocolate and then covered them in sprinkles, creating a super quick and easy wacky recipe that even my three-year-old could create on her own! 

Num Nom wacky bakers

My girls had fun in the kitchen creating their Num Nom inspired recipe. If you visit the Num Noms website you will find lots of fun baking ideas - so you can do some wacky baking of your own with your little chefs. We are such big Num Noms fans that I am sure my three-year-old will be doing some more wacky baking soon. 

Disclosure I was sent these Num Noms for the purpose of the review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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