Monday 31 October 2016

Twirlywoos Interactive Musical Chick & Dance-Along Peekaboo Toys Review

My little boy Jacob loves the Twirlywoos, he is not normally a fan of sitting watching TV but he loves watching CBeebies show the Twirlywoos. Whenever this shows come on the TV he will get all excited and sits fascinated watching them, he really really loves it. We recently reviewed some Flying Twirlywoos which he adored, he laughs his head off whenever they fly. As he loved them so much we were planning on buying him some more Twirlywoos toys for Christmas this year, however, we were very kindly sent some new Twirlywoos toys to review. We were sent an Interactive Musical Chick and a Dance-Along Peekaboo from Golden Bear Toys, as soon as Jacob seen them his face lit up and he could not wait to get them out the box. 

Interactive Musical Chick and Dance-Along Peekaboo Twirlywoos Toys

Interactive Musical Chick

The first thing we noticed was that this was a fairly big Chickadee soft toy, its 23cm when sitting making it the perfect size for little ones to cuddle and interactive with. It is super soft and has bendy arms and floppy feet and sits up unaided making her perfect to play with. She has a gorgeous rainbow pattern on her tummy which lights up in rainbow colours when she is activated. To activate her fun phrases, songs and lights you press on her hands. Her left hand will make her say some fun phrases that little ones will recognise from the show and her right hand will activate the shows theme tune and make her rainbow tummy light up. 

Interactive Musical Chick Toy

Jacob is two-years-old and he worked out how to press the hands and make her sing straight away. He was amazed when it started playing the Twirlywoos theme tune and the rainbow tummy lit up, he constantly presses the right hand to hear the tune over and over again. He is fascinated with the colour changing tummy and likes to point and say what the colours are. He really loves this toy and he has played with it every day for the last two weeks. 

I really liked this toy too as it is rather sweet and I love that it plays the theme tune that little ones are familiar with. I also think that the rainbow light up tummy is a lovely feature that younger children will love and be amazed by. I think that any little Twirlywoos fan would love to receive this Interactive Musical Chick for Christmas as it is very cute, and lots of fun. 

J and Twirlywoos toy

Interactive Musical Chick has an RRP of £24.99 which I think is a good price for such a lovely toy. It even comes complete with batteries meaning that it can be played with as soon as you open it, always a bonus in this house! Suitable for age 10 months + this is a toy that babies and toddlers will enjoy.

Dance-Along Peekaboo

We were also sent a very fun Dance-Along Peekaboo which Jacob thinks is hilarious! Peekaboo is super soft and very cute looking, just like on the TV show. If you press his head he starts playing the Twirlywoos theme tune and spins around on the floor. We have laminated flooring which he spins around really quick on, I am not too sure if it would work on a carpet or not as it says on smooth surfaces only on the packaging. 

Dance-Along Peekaboo Twirlywoos Toy

Again activating the Peekaboo is super easy and you just need to gently press the middle spike on his head and he will start spinning around and playing the tune. When he starts spinning around my two and three years old think that it is so funny and the giggle away and try and copy spinning around themselves. Whenever the Twirywoos come on TV Jacob gets the Dance-Along Peekaboo out of the toy box and makes it spin around on the floor whenever he catches site of Peekaboo on the show, too cute! 

Priced at £22.99 I think that it is a great price for such a fun toy. Like the Interactive Musical Chic batteries are already included meaning that you can play with Dance-Along Peekaboo as soon as you take him out of the box. Jacob really likes this toy as he thinks it is such fun and makes him giggle a lot. Again this suitable for children aged 10 months + and I am sure that both babies and toddlers will be fascinated by and have lots of fun the Dance-Along Peekaboo. I have included a little video so you can see what the Dance-Along Peekaboo is like in action. 

Overall I am really impressed with both the Interactive Musical Chick and the Dance-Along Peekaboo. Both toys are much loved by my children who have had lots of fun playing with them. They are really lovely toys that play the tunes that children will love from the show and I bet any Twirlywoos fan would be happy to receive either of these cute and fun toys for Christmas. 

I have also reviewed the Run-Along Twirlywoos if you want to see what we thought of them too. 

Disclosure We received these toys for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 



  1. This is so cute! And I could do with a break from In the Night Garden so we'll check Twirlywoos out

  2. I love these, they are so cute. I might look for these for xmas gifts for friends little ones.

  3. Now I don't have kids but I know who these two are thanks to having nieces and nephews and my youngest niece would just love these x

  4. These look awesome, sadly Sebby has outgrown the Twirlywoos now

  5. My youngest would love these, she's a huge Twirly Woos fan. One for the Christmas List I think


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