Wednesday 12 October 2016

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring The Mum Diaries

Welcome to another week of my guest post series Other Bloggers Family Lives. This week I am featuring a blog that I have only just discovered called The Mum Diaries. Written by Jaymee it is all about her family life with her three boys, recipes, reviews and general parenting posts. 

So let's find out more about the family behind The Mum Diaries. 

The Mum Diaries

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family? 

Hi, I am Jaymee and I am 27 years old. I live with my husband Mark and three boys - Jack, Oliver and Arthur. I work part-time as a cleaner in the evenings and look after the boys during the day. My husband is a postman so out early but always home by 3pm. I am a volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter and also run a not for profit nappy library promoting cloth nappies to local families. I love stationery and coffee, nothing makes me happier than starting a fresh new notepad. 

2.) Where do you live? 

We live in Cambridgeshire, in a beautiful city with great history. I love my city, although it can be disheartening sometimes watching the local news. I  do love raising my boys here, there is always something to do with my family. 

3.) What is your favourite thing to do as a family where you live? 

We live close to a farm and a zoo, so we enjoy spending time there. We also love going on walks around the nature reserve and having picnics. 

4.) If you could live anywhere where would you? 

Hmmm, this is a really hard question. I would want to stay here, maybe live further in the countryside rather than the city. 

5.) Did you grow up close to where you live now and what are your favourite childhood memories of where you grew up? 

Yup, I live in pretty much the same part of the city as I did growing up. I loved spending time with my best friend, just relaxing by the local river. Most of my childhood memories of where I grew up are pretty standard. I remember being allowed to go to the park for the first time, I felt pretty grown up. 

6.) Have you got any exciting family plans for the year ahead? 

I am secretly planning a holiday for next year. no-one knows about it; not even my husband. Oliver started school in September and Arthur started playschool, those are pretty big milestones for our family. 

7.) What is your favourite thing about family life? 

Watching the boys grow, sometimes I really struggle especially when they don't listen, or scream and shout. But sometimes, just sometimes they are loving to each other and play nicely. 

Thank you so much for taking part Jaymee, it was lovely to find out more about yourself and your family. My little boy started playschool recently too and my little girl started nursery school, such a big change to our routine. I love that you are planning a surprise holiday that not even your husband knows about. 

To find out more about Jaymee and her family visit her blog

Or visit her on social media 

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Facebook TheMumDiaries1
Instagram _themumdiaries

Don't forget to check out last weeks post featuring Rock And Roll Pussycat if you missed it. If you would like to take part in Other Bloggers Family Lives then please just send me an e-mail at 




  1. I'm loving getting the opportunioty to learn more about the bloggers behind the blogs. It sounds as though Jaymee is a busy bee between three boys, work, breastfeeding peer support and a nappy library.

  2. Jaymee sounds like she has a lovely family life. I would love to visit Cambridge at some point in the future, it sounds so beautiful x

  3. I love the Cambridgeshire area and it's no wonder that she loves living there too! :)

  4. We live not far from a far and zoo too and its great to spend time out doors having adventures as a family.

  5. A part of the country I've never been to, but it always looks lovely. I love the sound of a secret holiday X

  6. Wow living near a farm and a zoo - that sounds like my idea of a dream location!

  7. What a lovely interview Jaymee, I really enjoy reading your series Lindsay, will be popping an email across, would love to take part :) x

  8. OOh I am wanting to know more about this secret holiday, it sounds really exciting x

  9. Ooo I have to agree with loving to start a new notepad! I have soooo many! Can't resist buying them lol I have a problem!

  10. Love these series, it's always so great to learn about other bloggers.

  11. Nothing more fun than planning a surprise holiday, I am doing that too :)

  12. Living near a zoo and farm would be great for family days out for any family.

  13. I love this series as I'm so nosy and love finding out about other bloggers and different places too. This also reminds me that I need to get me answers over to you for this.

    Laura x

  14. I love learning about other bloggers. Your surprise holiday sounds so lovely!!!!!! I love stationary and coffee too! Off to check out your blog. x

  15. Nice to get to know you. We have family in Waterbeach, so not far from Cambridge, such a lovely place to live. Lovely to be so close to the farm and the zoo. Hope you enjoy your secret holiday :) x

  16. Love these!! A surprise holiday! Very jealous. I am also a stationary addict so couldn't agree more with how amazing it is starting a new notepad lol x

  17. It's great to see posts like these and you can get a little insight into other bloggers. We love going to farms too.


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