Sunday 18 September 2016

Disney Sofia The First Toys

My little girl is called Sophia and since she was tiny she has loved Sofia the first, sharing the same name means that my little Sophia actually thinks she is Sofia the first. They have the same big blue eyes and brown curls and they both love the colour purple. Whenever my little girl sees anything with Sofia the first on she has to have it, she loves it that much. 

Imagine her utter delight when a parcel arrived recently full of Sofia the first toys and accessories from Jakks Pacific, I have never seen her so excited. We were kindly sent a royal tiara, toy camera, a mini royal prep art class playset, Princess Amber's closet playset, three figures, a magazine and a backpack to put it all in. My very own Sophia could not wait to start playing, of course she had to dress up in her dressing up outfit to play with her new toys.

She loved the Royal Tiara (RRP £6.99) which really suited her, although it was a little too big as she is only three so it kept falling down. The camera was a huge hit, being a bloggers child the first thing she done when she opened it was of course to take a selfie and then try and photograph her new toys! The camera (RRP £9.99) was super simple to use, even my just turned two year old son loves it and can operate it. You look through the viewfinder and each time you press the button you will see pictures of Sofia and her friends.

We were sent two playsets which were the Mini Royal Prep Art Class and Amber's Closet. The Mini Royal Prep Art Class (RRP £9.99) was a huge hit with my daughter, this came with a painting easel, paintbrush accessory and a Sofia doll. The end of the paintbrush is made of sponge and if you wet it and then 'paint' the painting with it, the painting changes colour - this amazed my children.

Sofia the first toys

Amber's Closet playset (RRP £9.99) contains a mirror, some accessories such as necklace, tiara, mannequin and change of outfit and of course a Princess Amber doll. Lots of fun was had dressing Amber up in her outfits and making her pose in the mirrors.

Sofia the first toys

We were also sent three separate dolls (RRP £5.99 each) which I think would make brilliant stocking fillers for Christmas or pocket money toys. We were sent a Princess Sofia, who came with her faithful friend Clover and Sofia's friend Jade who came with Crackle the dragon and her other friend Ruby who came with Mia the bird. These little sets were great as they went so well with the other toys and it meant that we had Sofia and all of her friends to play with. The little animal figures were huge hits with my daughter too, she has loved playing with them along with the dolls.

We were also sent a Sofia the first magazine (RRP £2.99) which of course was a big hit, Sophia is at that age where she loves magazines. This is a monthly magazine that comes with the usual fun activities and stories and lots of stickers. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for future issues when we go shopping.

Lastly we received a Sofia the first backpack (RRP £12.99) to keep everything in. Sophia starts nursery school on Tuesday and she wants to take this with her instead of the one we have brought her. It is a fairly big backpack, it looks huge on my three year old but is really lightweight and has adjustable straps. It has a big main compartment and then a smaller zipped front compartment too and would be ideal for days out, travelling or school as it is so spacious. 

Overall we were realy impressed with every toy in the range, everything was very affordable, great quality and most improratnanty of all they are very much loved and played with by my daughter. You can buy the Disney Sofia toy range from Smyths Toy Store, they would make a great gift for any Sofia fan this Christmas. They also sell some other sets in the range which we are planning on getting are very own princess Sophia the first for Christmas, as she loved these toys so much. 

Disclosure We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own.  


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  1. We love Princess Sofia here too. These look really cute. My kids would love these too!


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