Monday 2 January 2017

My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2016

As it is now 2017 I thought that I would once again look back on what have been my most read posts of the year gone by. Strangely enough most of last year's most popular posts are still getting a lot of views daily too. When I sat down to see which of my posts have been the most popular this year I was actually rather surprised with some of them, I really should keep an eye on google analytics more. So here are my most read posts from 2016.

10 most popular blog posts of 2016 - Newcastle quayside

1.) Slimming World Slow Cooker Fajitas 

I am amazed at the views this post has received, it has received about ten times more than any other post on my blog and it gets hundreds of hits every single day thanks to Pinterest. It was just a recipe that I tried out when I was following Slimming World early last year and I stuck it on Pinterest and forgot all about it. Seeing how many views this post has had (25,000) with no promotion at all other than being pinned on Pinterest once by me has made me realise that I really need to get back into Pinterest in the new year.

2.) Trolley Bags Review

This was a review that I agreed to do back in June, I was unsure about doing this at first as it is quite a low-value item but I thought they sounded useful. I am amazed at just how well this post has done, it gets views daily and we still use the trolley bags now if we go shopping to somewhere like Aldi. So the moral of the story is don't discount low-value review items as sometimes they can actually be worth your time and be super useful products that you actually use.

3.) To The Parent Whose Baby Does Not Sleep

This was a quick post that I wrote back in February after a year and a half of no sleep from my little boy. I never thought that anyone would read this post but they did and it had such a lovely response. As much as I hate sleep deprivation I actually do miss those night feeds when everyone was asleep, the house was peaceful and it was just me and my baby. A year on from writing this post my little boy does actually sleep now, although he still likes to wake very early in the mornings but that is a whole different blog post.

4.) Aladdin At Whitley Bay Playhouse 

This is a really recent post from just a couple of weeks ago about our recent visit to see Aladdin at Whitley Bay Playhouse starring Shane Lynch. After the Playhouse, stars of the show and production company kindly shared this post it had thousands of views and also lots of people seem to have been searching to see what it is like via google. We really loved this panto and have already decided that we will be returning to see next year's production of Cinderella if you are in the North East then I highly recommend you plan a visit as it is a great show the whole family will love.

5.) Afternoon Tea At St Mary's Inn Morpeth

Back in May, we were invited to beautifully countryside pub St Mary's Inn to enjoy afternoon tea, I took my dad and eldest daughter along with me and we fell in love with the cosy inn and delicious food. I will certainly be returning in 2017 as the afternoon tea was one of the nicest I have had and I am also eager to try out the dishes on the lunch menu too. If you are in the area then it is well worth a visit.

6.) My First Other Bloggers Family Lives Post

Regular readers will know that I have a weekly guest post series called Other Boggers Family Lives, where each week a different blogger will answer some questions about their family life on my blog. I kicked off the series back in February with my old school friend and local blogger Samantha from North East Family Fun. I was really nervous about starting this series as I was not sure if anyone would take part or read it but it has proved to be really popular with so many wonderful bloggers taking part.

7.) Organ Donation - My Story

This was a post that I wrote on the 11th anniversary of my mum's death. My mum died in a freak accident back in 2005 when I was just 21, she fell down some stairs at my house and hit her head and she never woke up again. She was taking to the hospital where she was placed on life support and we were told she had suffered catastrophic brain damage and there was nothing they could do to save her and the kindest thing would be to let her go. My parents were divorced and it was up to me and my then 19-year-old brother to decide what to do and we decided to donate her organs, so others didn't have to go through what we were going through losing a loved one. This post was my experience of donating my mum's organs.

8.) The Early Evening Menu at Jesmond Dene House

Back in May, we were invited to beutiful Jesmond Dene House to try out the early evening menu which is amazing value! The food was delicious and was a steal at just £24.50 for three delicious coursers in the most beautiful setting, making it perfect for a date night. If you are from the North East and your looking for somewhere special that won't break the bank then I highly recommend you check out Jesmond Dene House. 

9.) Ox Pasture Hall

In April we were invited to stay in the most charming country house hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It was our first weekend away without the children and it was very much needed, we had such a wonderful time and I well and truly fell in love with this hotel. If I ever get married this is where I would get married as it was just so beautiful with stunning countryside views. The suite we stayed in was perfect and the food and service we received was faultless, I honestly can not recommend this gorgeous hotel enough and I know that I will without a doubt be returning again one day.  

10.) Slimming World Week One

I have joined Slimming World so many times over the years and I do swear by the diet as I lose weight easily on it and never go hungry as you can eat so much. However whenever I join I always lose around a stone and then somehow something comes up and I stop going, I am a typical yo-yo dieter. I am actually planning on re-joining my local Slimming World group next week, fingers crossed I stick to it this time! 

So those are my most read posts from the year gone by, a real mix of posts covering a range of different subjects. If you're a blogger what was your most popular post from the previous year? and if you are a reader which if any of my posts did you enjoy the most? I would love to know in the comments below. 



  1. Ah lush - I loved being part of your series. It's mad how old posts do well isn't it - my most popular post from 2016 was actually written in 2014 and is a bit cringe despite me trying to update it a little! LOL! Happy New Year x

    1. Thank you for taking part, it still gets vies now which is crazy! Oh which post was it? I bet it is not at all cringey xx

  2. Oooh I love reading other people's top posts - I've posted my be this week if you fancy a nose!
    I still remember your afternoon tea post, sounded fab!
    And such a good point about low-value reviews... 2 of my top 5 are reviews of things that I bought/was given!
    Happy new year to you and look forward to reading more of your blog posts this year xxx

    1. I am off for a nose now! I look forward to reading your blog this year too, I am always amazed at how big our boys are now as they were just bumps when we first started reading each others blogs now they are 2 - crazy! xx

  3. What a great 2016. I haven't checked which are my most popular yet. I can't wait to see what you write in 2017! I love your other bloggers lives series. x


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