Friday 1 April 2016

March 2016

I can't believe that it is the 1st of April already, does anyone else feel like Christmas was not so long ago? As always I am writing a little reflecting on the month gone by, a way for myself and my family to look back on what we have been up to. March was a fairly quiet month. Every month when I sit down to write these posts I always think to myself that I have not done anything that month, by the end of the post I normally realise that actually, we have done stuff. 

Baker days letterbox thank you emoji cake

So let's have a look at what March was like for me and my family. 

Personal Life

I am still doing Slimming World although due to the other half's work schedule I have been unable to stay to group at all this month. I had a gain at the start of the month which I totally deserved and then I went on to have two good loses the following weeks. I am hoping that once the Easter holidays are over I can start staying to group again and get back on plan fully. I met up with my blog birthday twin Nikki from Keeping Strong And Moving Forward a few weeks ago as she was in Newcastle for a Minecraft event with her boys, it was lovely to see her again as I have not seen her since Britmums. I have also started being a lot kinder to myself this month and having some much needed 'me time' and have rediscovered my love of reading again. 

It is the end of the first week of the Easter holidays here in Newcastle and I have hardly seen my teen at all this week as she has been out with her friends, all day, every day. She has had a fairly busy month, she went away to a caravan park for a few days with my brother and his family which she enjoyed. She has also been to see Little Mix in concert (I'm jealous) and is off to see the Vamps in a few days too. 

Little miss Sophia is still really enjoying pre-school and will be going an extra day each week after Easter, as she loves it so much. She is still seeing her speech therapist but her talking is coming on so well lately, she has even started saying her own name at last which we are so pleased about as we were a bit worried. She also had an appointment with a paediatrician and has been diagnosed as having Pica, we have to wait for blood tests to see if it is caused by low iron levels. She is still really into Disney princesses and Belle is her favourite, it is so cute when she says, Belle, as she says BBBelle. 

Easter bunny at garden centre event

Little man Jacob is 19 months now and is still such a mammy's boy, shouting whenever I leave the room. He is still sleeping all night and is becoming such a little mischievous character. He is so different to his sisters as he likes to break everything he can get his hands on and he is so strong, I'm not sure if that's a boy thing or just a Jacob thing. 

The other half has been busy with work, he works shifts so some days we rarely see him. I know that he is working hard to get promoted again, to enable me to stay at home with the children while they are little. We have hardly spent any time together this month but we are going away without the children next week which will be nice. 

Blog Life

This little blog of mine turned two this month, I still feel like such a newbie and can't believe I have actually been blogging for two whole years now. Granted I rarely blogged for the first year but it still feels like a bit of an achievement to have kept this up for so long as I normally give up on things after a few weeks. I have lots of lovely giveaways on my blog to celebrate my blog birthday, go enter if you haven't already!

This month my blog reached its highest ever Tots 100 ranking of 155, I am expecting a drop this month though. My DA also eventually went up to 32 after months of being stuck on 27 which was a nice surprise. My new guest series is doing so much better then I imagined it would do, thank you to everyone who has taken part. 

I have worked on some lovely campaigns this month we took part in a Pampers campaign with Britmums which was fun to film, I really want to get into vlogging days out and stuff at some point in the near future. I reviewed a beautiful Forever Memory Bear made from Jacobs old baby clothing, I love it! I also wrote about Jacob's first haircut at amazing children's salon Pikku and we were invited for afternoon tea with the Easter bunny

Forever Memory Bear baby clothing bear handmade

I did not have much time to blog last month so I did not get anywhere near as many personal type posts up as I would have liked, hopefully this month. I also really want to try and blog every day in April, just so I can get into the habit of writing more regularly and learn to schedule more as I am useless at that. 

Overall March was a nice month, nothing much happened but we had some nice days. Now that spring is here we will be full of busy, we are having a family day out in York next week thanks to Virgin East Coast trains. We have also been invited to the beautiful looking Ox Pasture Hall near Scarborough for a stay without the children, I'm feeling nervous about leaving them overnight. At the end of the month I am off to Manchester to attend Blog on, which I am really looking forward too. 

I think next month's update will be a lot more interesting than this one, so make sure you look out for that next month. What was March like for you? I would love to know in the comments below. 



  1. This year is going way too quickly for my liking....hehehe
    It sounds like you had a great month!
    Enjoy your break away x

    1. It really is going far to quickly! Thank you so much Kim, I am super nervous about leaving the little ones though xx

  2. WOW when you write it all down like that you've really had a busy month. Can't wait for our little jaunt to Blog On - it'll be lush to have a PROPER catch up xx

    1. I know I am so looking forward to Blog On, especially with you and Karen there so I am not on my own. We really do need a proper catch up as it has been far to long xx

  3. Ooh, you must say hiya! I'm absolutely awful at remembering anything at all, so please don't be shy, otherwise I'll wondeer if I know you, but not be certain :D Hahaha - everyone's as nervous as each other really :D

    1. I will do, although I am very shy at these kind of things. I am really looking forward to it as I have heard everyone is so friendly xx


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