Thursday 7 April 2016

HP Instant Ink - Saving You From Running Out Of Ink

Collaborative post

As a mum of three, I always have a never-ending list of jobs that need doing, housework, shopping, making appointments and generally making sure everyone is looked after and things are in order. Sometimes often  I forget things, as let's face it us mums are busy and just keeping everyone clean and fed is an accomplishment some days. 

One job that always seems to get added to my never ending to do list is to buy ink for the printer, nine times out of ten you can guarantee that I forget. Being a mum to a teen who is always needing to use the printer for her homework, having a printer with no ink is a bit of a nightmare for her. I have found myself in the past rushing out to the 24-hour supermarket to try and find ink so she could print out her homework. Thankfully they had some but I ended up paying more than I normally would and vowed that I would keep stocked up in future, which of course never happens. 

So when I heard about the new HP Instant Ink service I thought what a brilliant idea! Basically, if you buy an HP eligible printer you can sign up to the Instant Ink service, which is a clever monthly payment plan based on the number of pages you print. Your printer will let HP know when your ink is running low and they will send you a new cartridge out in the post before your old one runs out, clever huh? 

What is even better is that plans start from just £1.99 per month making them super affordable and by signing up to the plan you could end up saving an impressive 70% on ink per year. They deliver to your door too meaning no more mad dashes to the shops in search of ink, plus the delivery costs are included in your plan. You can even recycle your own cartridges for free with pre-paid shipping materials and cancel your plan at any time without a penalty. 

You can find out more about this clever idea by watching the HP Instant Inks video below which tells you more about the plan.


After watching the video and finding out about HP Instant Ink I know exactly which printer I will be buying in the future. Never running out of ink again will hopefully score me some major brownie points with my teen and saving money will score me some brownie points with my other half, it would also be one less thing on my never-ending to-do list. 

Disclosure This is a collaborative post. 

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