Monday, 2 June 2014

Sophia's first birthday

Sophia turned one last week and we had a lovely day she was spoilt with some lovely presents and we had a lovely little party for her at the local soft play which she really enjoyed and she loved her birthday cake the only thing missing from the day was her big sister Chloe who had jetted off to Spain early on the morning of her birthday for a week with her grandad ( my dad).

Due to Chloe being away on Sophia's birthday we held a small tea party the day before for Sophia, Chloe and there cousin Heidi with cakes and party food's and Chloe give her a present off her a Doc mcstuffin ride on which Sophia loved as she is doc mcstuffin mad.

On the morning of Sophia's birthday she woke up early at around 6am and we brought her downstairs and she was amazed when she seen the living room as the night before me and her daddy had decorated it with banners and balloons and set her new toys up in the living room for her. We got her a pink smart trike bike, a ball pool and balls, a little blow up Doc mcstuffin arm chair and a talking lambie ted off Doc mcstuffin we didn't want to get her to many presents as she has so many toys already and she got so many presents of family and friends too. She loved her ball pool and spent most of the morning sitting in it playing with her toy's. I think the excitement got too much for her though as she was flat out asleep by 8am having her morning nap.

We brought Sophia a lovely little party dress and cardigan to wear on her special day from next ( i love that shop for children's clothes) and she looked super cute in it. We then headed to the soft play where we had invited ten of Sophia's little friends and relatives to join her for her birthday as Sophia loves the soft play and being around other children, and are house is way to small to invite all the family and friends around for a celebration. The children spent a hour and a half playing on the bouncy castles and slides and Sophia loved just running around after the other children and she really loved the slides although she was a bit unsure of the bouncy castles at first.

 Then the children all had a meal and Sophia had chicken nuggets and chips and she loved them and polished them all off which we were amazed at as its the first time she has ate something like that before.

We had got Sophia a Sofia the first birthday cake made as we had a Sophia the first themed birthday party the invites were Sofia the first, the goody bags, balloon and the cake as it is one of her favourite TV shows. When we brung the cake out and everyone sung happy birthday to her she looked so happy although she didn't have a clue what was going on and was trying to grab the cake.

After the party we headed to the local weatherspoons for some lunch with some of are family but Sophia was shattered and fell asleep in her pram. She loved opening her presents when she returned home and she got some lovely toys a swing for the garden and lots of clothes and some money which we are going to use to buy her a slide as she loved the ones at soft play. She loved her birthday cake and so did me and her daddy as it was delicious.

Sophia had a really great day and she laughed and smiled all day long and she loved all the attention and her presents. I cant believe she is now a one year old toddler but we had a fantastic day and it was lovely to celebrate her day with family and friends. It is a day that me and her daddy will remember fondly forever as it was such a lovely relaxed happy day.


  1. Ah looks like a fab way to spend your first birthday xx

    1. thank you she had a great day she loves the soft play at concordia thats why we chose there and i couldnt believe how cheap it was it was only £50 for 10 children to play and have lunch xx


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