Friday 1 July 2016

June 2016

Just like that another month has zoomed by and we are now more than half way through the year already. I am finding it hard to believe that it is the 1st July today as the weather has been awful, as I write this now the sky is dark and the rain is lashing down against my window - so much for summer! Anyway as it is the first of the month it is once again time to sit and write my monthly round up post of what myself and my family have been up to this past month. May was a busy month but June was a lot quieter, so here is a look at what life was like for us in June 2016.

pink blossom tree

Personal Life

This month I bit the bullet and returned to my local Slimming World group for the third time as I struggle to lose weight and know that the only way I can actually lose weight is to go to group and stick to the plan. I got off to a fantastic start losing 7lb in my very first week which I am thrilled about. We also had are monthly date night towards the end of the month as it was the other half's birthday, his mam was on babysitting duty and we went out for a Chinese meal which was delicious and so worth breaking my diet for. 

I am also featured in the latest issue of Mother & Baby magazine this month as myself and Jacob were product testers, it was really strange seeing my face in a magazine that's for sure. This month also seen me take on a mumbassador role with Talk To Mums, I will be handing out samples of Ecover washing up liquid to see what other mums think of it - if you know me in real life or see me about in the next few weeks do ask for a sample. Other than that the month has been fairly quiet with not a lot going on, I am just enjoying spending time with the children and trying to de-clutter the house ready for moving soon (I so need to invest in the magic tidying book everyone loves). 

My teen has not been up to anything this month apart from school and spending time with her friends. Sophia has had a few assessments this month as she has delayed speech and a few odd little habits, so the month has mainly been taking up with medical appointments for her. Her speech is improving so much and she is such a little chatterbox these days. She has also been formally diagnosed with Pica and blood tests confirmed this is caused by low iron so she is now on iron medicine.

My little two at a soft play party 

Jacob is now 22 months and is now fully potty trained at home, we have had no accidents at all he has just potty trained himself and I can not believe how easy it has been. I have not been brave enough to take him out and about without a nappy on yet as he is still so young. The other half celebrated his birthday in June, I got him a tablet and we went out to a Chinese for a meal which was a tad on the expensive side but very delicious. 

Blog Life

Blog Life has been a bit of a disaster lately, for months I have been unhappy with the direction of my blog as I have been taking on to much work on and I just haven't had time for personal posts. Even though I have been blogging for two years I still feel like a newbie blogger and that my blog is tiny and no-one reads it, I think I get flattered that brands contact me and want to work with me and I find it hard to say no. I think this has led me to lose my motivation and I now have a bit of a backlog of work which in turn is just making me feel a bit stressed, ultimately I think that I am just putting a bit too much pressure on myself.

Today I have sat down and had a bit of brainstorming session and I now feel focused and have decided what changes I want to make to my blog. I will be doing less reviews, more days out and toddler activities, many more personal posts and re-start my Slimming World posts and recipes (they were amazing for Pinterest traffic). I am also going to get into the habit of scheduling blog posts and social media and just being a bit more organised, hopefully I will then start feeling happier with my blog and will go back to spending time on social media as my social media has been a bit neglected lately.

I have had some wonderful blogging opportunities this month though and worked with some great brands such as House Of Fraser, Baby Annabell and the Life Science centre. We have been selected to be Scarborough Sealife ambassadors, which Sophia will love as she adores fish and penguins. We were also selected to be Gore-tex family ambassadors and the children have been sent some lovely trainers to review. I also have some lovely opportunities planned such as a spa day in Leeds with Little Angels Nappies, we are also working with Mother & Baby magazine (again), Debenhams, Ella's Kitchen and we have some lovely toys to review - Keep an eye out for these in the next few weeks. 

Anyway once again I am rambling, June was a fairly quiet month for us but I think sometimes we just need a quiet few weeks to just chill and spend time with family. I am sure that July will be a much busier month for us. 

What did you get up to in June ? I would love to know in the comments below. 



  1. Love reading about your plans for your blog. Good luck! Look forward to seeing what you post over the coming months

    1. Thank you, I need to clear my review backlog first xx

  2. I love your blog, you are being a bit tough on yourself, look at all the amazing brands you are working with? I too have a backlog, I might be wrong but I think it is just a busy time before the summer lull. Well done biting the bullet and going back to slimming world, it is a great plan isnt it, I more or less live on it to keep healthy, although I am thinking of joining the gym so I can win a little more x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sarah, you know I adore your blog and look up to it. Slimming World is the only plan that works for me, I need to join a gym but just don't have the time xx


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