Tuesday 5 July 2016

Trying The Costcutter Snack Range

During the summer months, we love to enjoy family picnic's, both at home and on days out. My children love them and seem to eat much more when we have a picnic than when we serve them a traditional meal. To celebrate the summer Costcutter sent us a hamper full of their own branded snacks to enjoy a family picnic with. Of course living in the North East it has rained for days so we ended up having an indoor picnic instead. 

I honestly had no idea that Costcutter had so many own branded products which are called Independent. The range launched back in 2014 and includes over 600 products, including products such as fresh meat, drinks, confectionery, snacks and household items. The range has even won awards. 

costcutter own brand crisps and lemonade

We were sent a hamper of different snack foods perfect for summer to try out and enjoy as a family. 
The hamper included. 

  • Chinese and BBQ pork ribs
  • Chicken thighs
  • Oven Chips
  • Cheese
  • Dips and houmous
  • Crisps and tortilla crisps
  • Sweets - Jelly beans & wine gums
  • Lemonade, tonic water and soda water

I thought this was a great selection of products and we could not wait to try them out. The ribs were really nice with just the right amount of flavour to them, however they did not have very much meat on them which was a shame as they really were delicious. My one year old son took a real liking to them. 

costcutter ribs and chips

I am not a fan of chicken thighs so I did not try these, the other half loved them though and demolished the lot! He said they were tender and juicy, very meaty and better than the regular supermarket ones that he buys. We also found the oven chips to be just as nice as the leading brand, they went really crispy when cooked and nice and fluffy inside, just like chips should be. 

costcutter own brand crisps and dips

The dips made a great picnic addition, the sour cream was a big hit with my 3-year-old who normally avoids any kind of sauce. The Salsa's were packed full of flavour, you could taste the tomatoes in them and the hot one had a real kick to it. The humous was also really creamy and very moreish and worked as well as the dips with the tortilla crisps. The cheese and chilli tortilla crisps were delicious!

costcutter own brand cheese and houmous

The cheese made a nice addition to the picnic as it is great finger food for my toddlers, they are total cheese monsters. The star of the show for me was the hand cooked crisps, these were so delicious and way tastier than any other brands that I have tried before, especially the sweet chilli flavour. It is no surprise that the Thai sweet chilli crisps have won awards, I would so have scored them 10/10. 

costcutter hand cooked crisps

We were also sent some Jelly beans and wine gums which my three children demolished, a sure fire sign that they tasted nice. The drinks were pretty standard and tasted nice, we used the soda water to make lime and soda which the other half loves. I imagine that these drinks would be great as mixers in alcoholic drinks too if you were having a big family BBQ. 

costcutter own branded dips

Overall we were really impressed with every single product that we tried from the range, everything tasted nice and was just as good and sometimes even better than the leading brands. I will certainly be calling into my local Costcutter store in the future to top up on groceries instead of travelling all the way to the local supermarket. Next time you have a picnic or BBQ or just fancy some snacks then you really should check out the Independent range at Costcutter as I am sure you will love the range too - especially if you try the hand cooked crisps. 

Have you tried the Costcutter range yet? If so let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Disclosure We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, however, all views are my own. 


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