Saturday 30 July 2016

Thing's I Loved In July

Can you believe that it is now the end of July ? The last month seems to have zoomed by and I can not believe that it will soon be August and my baby boy will be turning two years old! I really need to start getting organised for his birthday as so far I have nothing organised. As we are almost in August now I thought that I would write about the things that I have loved this month, as I think these posts are lovely to look back on and I write them every month

July was a rather busy month for us as my teen had lots on at high school and Sophia left pre-school. The other half has been busy with work so we have not had as many days out as I would like, I am so looking forward to him having time off next month though. So here is a few of the things that I have loved in July. 

1.) Family Time. With it being the holidays and the girls being off we have had a few nice family days out lately. We have not had much family time due to the other half working but when he has been off we have had a few nice days out, just out to the Metrocentre and out for lunch and watching films at home together. Yesterday me and the girls also went to Northumberland National Park for the day which was nice. 

2.) Half Term. I love it when my girls are off school and nursery and I get to spend more time with them, it is nice being able to go out whenever we like too. We have not done much so far this half term as the other half has been at work a lot, but it is still nice just spending time with them at home relaxing. 

3.) Date Day. Once a month myself and the other half go out for a few hours, normally for a meal somewhere without the children. I love spending time with him and having a few hours without the little ones interrupting us, to be able to eat a meal in peace and actually talk to each other. Earlier this month we went into Newcastle and had a walk along the quayside and lunch at a lovely little Italians. We also stopped off in the Grainger Market for a delicious Pet Lamb Nutella brownie on the way home. 

4.) Vera Box Set. I rarely watch TV but I do have a few shows that I enjoy, one of them is Vera the police drama on ITV. I have only watched the last few series so when I noticed all the series were on sky catch up I downloaded them and have been watching them on an evening. I love this show, I know it is a police murder show but it is set in Northumberland where I grew up. I think living in the area I forget just how beautiful Northumberland actually is, I love watching Vera and spotting places that I recognise. 

5.) Reading. I seem to have re-discovered my love of reading lately and have read three books this month, a record for me since having children! I have read A Dictionary of mutual understanding, Black Rabbit  Hall and I know I am so late to the party but I have just read The Unmumsy Mum Book too. I loved it! Her book is literally my life with my two little ones and I am sure most mums to toddlers relate to it. 

6.) Thai Food. We were recently invited to Thaikhun a Thai restaurant in the Metrocentre and it was the first time I have tried Thai food, I loved it! I am now a huge fan of Thai food and have since made a Slimming World friendly Thai green curry which was delicious and even the other half enjoyed. I will certainly be trying more Thai food in the future as a few are now opening here in the North East.

7.) No More Nappies. I mentioned a few months ago that Jacob decided to potty train himself at 21 months and I thought it was just a fluke as he is still so young. However he has done amazingly well and has had no accidents and always uses his potty, I am amazed by him. After three years of constant nappy changing two little ones it is so nice to never change a dirty nappy again, we are also saving a fortune not having to buy them every week too. 

8.) Sunshine. We have not had much sunshine here in Newcastle so far this year, it has rained most of July. However the last few days have been really nice and I even got sunburn when we were out yesterday. I do like the sunshine as I can get the washing dried on the line, that is such a mum thing to say isn't it ? I think everyone always seems happier though when the sun is shining and it is so nice to get outdoors with the children, even if it is just a trip to the park or an hour in the garden. 

9.) Spa Event. Last weekend I was lucky enough to have been invited to a spa event at Oulton Hall in Leeds with Little Angels nappies. It was such a lovely event (blog post coming up this week), the team behind Little Angels were so friendly and I loved meeting up with the other bloggers. It made a nice change having a bit of a pamper and a day off  'mummy duty' too. 

10.) Talk To Mums. I have been working with Talk To Mums for the last few weeks as a mumbassador on an Ecover campaign. I basically hand out samples of Ecover to other mums I know or come across in public and tell them a bit about Ecover and ask them if they have tried it before. I have really enjoyed working on this campaign as I have been talking to people that I would not normally talk to, such as neighbours and parents from the nursery. It has pushed me out my comfort zone a little as I am normally quiet shy, so this has been great for me. I also earn a little bit of money by doing this too which is always nice, earning money doing something enjoyable that fits around the children. If you like the sound of this you can easily sign up online

So that is just a few of the things that I have been loving in July. August is set to be a very busy month for us so I am looking forward to seeing what we get up to and what I love next month. 

What have you loved in July ? 

A Cornish Mum


  1. Congrats on being an ambassador! isn't it lovely having time to relax and not be a rush. it is lovely when you get some alone time with your partner to enjoy without interruption, haha. Aw, your pictures are beautiful and the food looks divine. here is to another month of greatness X #tenthings

  2. I am sooo late to comment sorry chick, school holidays have put me all out of kilter time wise, mostly in a good way as I have loved having them home ;) I hope your August has been just as fantastic as your July. The pampering sounds amazing and brilliant about no nappies, it's amazing how much time in a day and money that saves you! Thanks for linking up to #TenThings

    Stevie xx

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I am exactly the same I am so behind with everything. August has been brilliant so far, I hope that it has for you too ? xx


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