Tuesday 3 May 2016

April 2016

I know I say this every single month but I can not believe that it is now May! It feels like only a few days ago since I wrote about what we had been up to in March and now I am sitting writing about what we have been up to in April. Regular readers will know that I write a post each month as a way of looking back on the month gone by, so that we as a family can look back on what we have been up to. 

So let's have a look at what April was like for myself and my family. 

Personal Life

We have had quite a busy month this month as a family, the month started in the middle of Easter half term so it was really nice having both my girls home. Me and Jacob have been doing some product tests for Mother & Baby Magazine (again) so keep an eye out in their July issue for that. We had a family day out in York which was nice, the little two loved the train ride and visiting the National Railway Museum. Myself and the other half also had a weekend away in Scarborough, it was our first night away together in three years so it was much needed. I also travelled down to Manchester at the end of the month to attend the Blog on conference (more about that in another post). 

My teen spent most of the holidays out with her friends so I hardly saw her, she also went to see the Vamps concert (she has a better social life than me). She enjoyed our family day out in York and wants me to take her back later in the year, so we can explore the city more and visit the dungeons without her younger siblings. 

Sophia seems to be growing more and more each day, she suddenly just looks really grown up. She will be three later this month and I honestly don't know where the time has gone as I still remember her being a little baby! She is still Disney princess crazy and all she wants for her birthday is a princess tiara and shoes. 

Jacob is now 20 months and he is almost the same size as his sister which is crazy, they could probably start passing as twins soon as they look the same age. He is really into Mr Tumble and will sit transfixed when it comes on the TV screen, he copies the Makaton signs too which is rather clever. 

The other half has been working less lately so we have actually seen him a bit more, it was so nice having a weekend away just me and him and being able to enjoy being a couple for once and not just mam and dad. We have decided that we are going to make more of an effort to go out on date nights now the children are a little older. 

Blog Life

Blog-wise I feel like I have been a bit quiet this month, as we have been so busy as a family I have spent less time blogging. I get so frustrated as I have notebooks full of ideas but never have any time to do any of the blogging things that I want to. My guest series is doing really well though and is something that I am rather pleased with. 

I have been lucky to experience some nice days out this month through my blog, Virgin trains sent us to York for the day and we were also lucky to stay at Ox Pasture Hall. We reviewed some Disney dolls which Sophia was thrilled about. We also reviewed a Thomas Train and Mr Tumble toy which Jacob loved. I was also selected to be a part of Message In A Bottle Launch Team which is a fantastic new children's book launching soon that sounds amazing! 

I have also spent time with other bloggers this month too, firstly I attended a Hotter shoe event at the Eldon square store in Newcastle. I got to meet up with lots of other north east bloggers and meet the lovely Hotter team and I also got a gorgeous pair of shoes, look out for a blog post about that as they sell really nice shoes that are not at all grandma like. I also spent last weekend at Blog On and got to meet up with so many bloggers, I will say more about that next month as it was actually on the 1st of May. 

We have another busy month planned for May as Sophia will be turning three and we have a trip to Edinburgh zoo planned for that. I also have my nieces christening to attend and Myself and the other half are having a date night out at Jesmond Dene House later this week. We have been invited to St Mary's Inn for afternoon tea and hopefully we will also be able to plan some nice family days out for half term at the end of the month too. 

So that is what April was like for us, did you do anything nice in April ? 



  1. I can't believe April is gone too. How did that happen? Before we know it May will be over soon. Don't you wish that time would slow down sometimes? x

    1. I know April whizzed over didn't it. I always wish time would slow down xx


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