Monday 23 May 2016

A 3rd Birthday Gift Guide

In just two days time my little girl Sophia will be turning three years old! When we started thinking about what to buy her for her birthday we really struggled deciding what to actually get her as she has so many toys already. We have asked her what she wants but she has only really asked for small things like a Belle doll or a tiara. So as we have struggled on what to buy for are little girls third birthday I thought that I would do a little gift guide in case anyone else is stuck on what to buy a little girl (or boy) for a gift. 

Fairy Door Sophia is really into fairies lately, she loves Tinkerbell and anything magical so I think she would love a one of these Irish Fairy Door Company fairy doors £19.99. I was so tempted to order her one for her birthday as they will be such a lovely gift, as we are hopefully moving soon I thought that I was best off waiting until we move. I will defiantly be buying her a one for her new bedroom.

Baby Annabell Doll £39.99 from all good toy shops. I love these dolls as my eldest daughter had a one when she was younger. I think every little ones loves baby dolls and my children are no exception. We have brought her a pram for her birthday and I think a lovely doll like this would be a wonderful gift idea. 

Wooden kitchen. We actually brought Sophia this wooden kitchen from ELC for Christmas and she loves it and plays with it every single day. I think they have changed the model in stock slightly recently but they do still stock something similar, I honestly think it is worth every penny as it looks great and is a toy that both my little two adore. 

Sylvanian Families £16.99 We are actually Friends of Sylvanian Families and we have another review going live in a few days. I loved these when I was a girl and my eldest has a huge collection of them which Sophia has recently discovered and adores, they are such lovely toys that last a long time and bring so much fun. 

My Given Name personalised book £23.90 I have recently reviewed this book and have a giveaway on my blog where you could win your own copy (go enter) and I love it. I am planning on buying my son a one of these books for his birthday, it is so lovely and such a special keepsake that little ones will treasure forever.  

So those are my top gift ideas for a third birthday. We have actually brought her lots of other things, mostly little things that she has just asked for really. I was planning on doing a little video of what we had brought her but I don't think I will have time now as we have such a busy week. 

We have brought her some things she asked for from the Disney store such as a Belle doll and a Beast doll as she is really into Beauty and the Beast and all she wants for her birthday is Belle. We also got her a tiara and a Sofia the first amulet and some Belle dressing up shoes, which are all things that she has been asking for ever since we visited the Disney store back at Easter. 

We have brought her a Silver cross Dolls pram, because she has not got a one and she enjoys playing with them at pre-school. She says if she gets a pram she will push the beast in it, so that will be interesting! We have also got her a few Paw Patrol toys as she is really into that at the moment, we also have her a Paw Patrol birthday cake which is just from Asda. I have also brought her The Very Hungry Caterpillar book as she loves this story at pre-school so I thought it would be nice to add to her collection and we have also brought her some new outfits from Next. 

So if you are stuck on what to buy a 3 year old (or any other age) child for their birthday I hope that this post has given you some ideas. 

What are you buying your children for their birthdays ? I would love to know in the comments below. 


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