Wednesday 11 May 2016

#TeenTalk Helping Parent's With Those All Important Growing Up Chat's

As a parent to a teenage daughter I have already gone through the whole growing up / puberty talk with her and I have to admit I found it a little bit awkward. Growing up in this digital age is totally different from my own childhood many years ago and I honestly did not know how to broach the whole subject with her. I had no idea what I should and shouldn't say, in the end, I brought a book and left it in her bedroom before chatting with her a few days later.

So I found it no surprise that 68% of UK parents with a teenager have said they feel uncomfortable talking about puberty with their children, and one-quarter of parents have actually avoided the talk completely. Thankfully Nadia Sawalha along with her teenage daughter Maddie has launched a new campaign today (11th May) called #TeenTalk with high street store Boots and teen expert Sarah Newton. A free #TeenTalk guide will be available in Boots stores nationwide which will offer tips, advice and tools for parents about to embark on one of these important talks with their teen, through puberty and beyond.

This handy guide will be so useful for parents as more than half of parents surveyed said that having trusted information would make having 'that chat' easier for them. 76% of parents also want their teen to see them as their first port of call for help and advice, this is something I agree with myself. 

Tips for having 'the chat' include 
  • 40% of parents agreed that having a one on one chat with the teen was the best way to go.
  • Remember that there is no right or wrong way to have the chat, after all, you know your child the best.
  • Be honest and open, give them facts and answer their questions whenever they ask.

Mum of two and #TeenTalk ambassador Nadia Sawalha says " As a mum, I understand all too well the challenges of communicating with teens. They suddenly go from wanting to tell mum everything to one-word answers! And you can't solve things with a quick cuddle or a sweet treat. Fist shaves, first periods and new personal hygiene and skincare regimes are all unfamiliar experiences for teens and can be a difficult topic for parents to approach."

This is where the #TeenTalk guide can come in useful full of tips on grooming. personal care and body changes which are all backed up by Nadia and Maddie's personal experiences. It will also offer savings on trusted products that are perfect for teenagers such as Always, Tampax, Venus and Boots Tea tree and witch Hazel products. This is so handy as 22% of parents (myself included) have been a bit unsure on which products to recommend to their teens. 

So if you have a teen or tween make sure you head to your local Boots store between 11-30 May to pick up your free #TeenTalk guide. I certainly will be picking a one up and I am sure it will be packed full of advice to help us give our teenagers good advice, most importantly of all will help to encourage us to be more open and talk more about these issues with our teenagers.

You can see videos of Nadia and Maddie talking about how they go about #TeenTalk at home along with tips and advice from teen expert Sarah Newton at or by watching the videos before.

Have you had a #TeenTalk with your children yet? 

* Information provided from the #TeenTalk survey of 1000 UK teenagers aged 13-18, and their parents February 2016. 

This is a collaborative post. 


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