Monday 12 December 2016

November 2016

Once again I am super late writing my monthly round-up post, I was going to skip this months post as I have so many other things to be writing about but I love having these posts to look back on someday. November was such a busy month for us as we moved home and things are only just starting to return to normal now a whole month later! The month just seems to have gone by in a blur and I can not believe that we are just under two weeks away from Christmas. I am so disorganised for Christmas this year so I think I am going to have a super busy few week ahead of me getting organised for the big day. 

Anyway, let's have a look at what we got up to in November. Apologies for the lack of photos as I have hardly taken any at all recently. 

Personal Life

It seems like such a long time ago since I wrote my October post as so much has happened in the last month. The big news is that we final moved house at long last, after nine months of waiting the move happened so fast and we had just over a week to get sorted for the move. When people say moving is one of the most stressful things in their life they are certainly not lying, it was very stressful and I am never moving again. We all love the new house and it felt like home within days, we still have some work to do to have it how we want but it is such a lovely family home, all the stress was worth it. 

As we moved in the middle of the month the whole month was pretty much taking up with the move, the first two weeks we were busy packing and de-cluttering and the second two weeks were spent unpacking and settling in. We still have a few boxes to unpack which I have hidden away out of site in the pantry and utility room for now, as I am sick of the site of boxes at the moment. 

It was also my birthday in November, on the day we moved so I did not really celebrate it this year. The other has promised we can do something nice after Christmas though so I am looking forward to that. As well as the chaos of moving we have all been unwell recently too, most of October was taking up with the kids being unwell and all of November was. Poor Sophia has been the worst hit as every time she got better she would catch something else, she ended up in hospital with dehydration and has missed so much nursery school. Hopefully, we are over the worst of it now and we will all be well for Christmas. 

The children love the new house and they settled in straight away, Jacob was a bit unsettled during the night for the first couple of weeks but he loves his new bedroom now. The girls both settled in straight away which was a relief. We did not actually do very much during November as we were busy with the move and the children were so unwell, we have certainly made up for it lately though as we have been out lots in December. Myself and the other half did go shopping in Newcastle and for Pizza at Pizzastorm  which was not somewhere I would normally dine but was actually rather nice. 

Blog Life

Thing's have been so busy blog-wise with it being close to Christmas, I am working on so many campaigns at the moment as the lead up to Christmas is the busiest time of year in the blogging world. We were really lucky to attend WWE at Metro Radio arena which the other half loved (he is a huge WWE fan). We reviewed the new Pizzastorm restaurant in Newcastle at the start of the month too. We reviewed lots of lovely toys and I have lots more reviews and giveaways going live this week too. 

I have totally fallen behind with blog work though as I did not do any blogging around the time we moved and then the move and the children being so unwell has just made getting any work done impossible. I am determined to get everything completed this week though so I can have some time off with my family over Christmas. I have lots of changes planned for this blog in the new year and I am looking forward to having a break and coming back refreshed and ready to improve this blog in 2017. 

My blogging break whilst we moved was needed but not only has it left me a bit behind with work I also have so many emails to respond too - sorry if anyone is waiting for a reply. I also had to stop my Other Bloggers Family Lives guest feature for most of the month too, as I simply did not have any time to promote it. My stats have plummeted too, after being in the top 100 of Tots for the last couple of months I have dropped right down to my lowest score in ages along with my Klout and DA. I am sure I can build them up again next year though. 

Anyway, that is about all that happened in November, whilst the month was super busy and stressful it was all down to moving and looking after unwell children. We are having a lovely December so far and I am so looking forward to Christmas and seeing what the new year has in store for us all. 

How was your November ?



  1. Ahh! Good to hear the new house felt like home so quickly!
    Good luck with getting all your blog work finished...

    1. I think I need all the luck in the world to get it finished I have such a backlog. xx

  2. Glad your settling into your new home okay. Moving house is hard work! Im sure your stats will come back up in the new year once you get back into the swing of things :-) Take care x

    1. Thank you so much Sam. It really is such hard work, I am never moving again. xx


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