Thursday 8 December 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Three-Year-Old Girl

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought that I would do a quick gift guide on things that are perfect for a three-year-old girl. Obviously, my little girl is three so I have decided to include a mix of things that we have reviewed throughout the year and she has really loved and things that she has asked for off Santa herself. Hopefully, you will find this useful if you are looking for a gift idea for a little girl this Christmas.

gifts for a 3 year girl

1.) The Secret Life Of Pet's DVD

Every year we always get each of the children a DVD each, something we can all watch together as a family either on Christmas day or Boxing day. At three my daughter Sophia is really starting to get into films and she adores any kind of film with animals in, I have heard great things about Secret Life Of Pets and the trailer looks hilarious! I am sure this will be a family the whole family will enjoy and I think DVD's make such a great stocking filler gift.

secret life of pets dvd

2.) Disney Tsum Tsum 

We reviewed some vinyl Tsum Tsum's earlier in the year and Sophia loved them, she has only asked for three things off Santa this year and one of those things is more Tsum Tsum's. She loves these so much that she plays with the daily and little ones seem to be fascinated with them. We have brought her some more from Argos for £15.99, again these make a fab stocking filler.

3.) Furby Connect

A few months ago we reviewed a Furby and I honestly thought that Sophia was too young for it and would hate it, I was totally wrong as she fell in love with it on sight! It is fairly expensive with an RRP of £99.99 but I have seen a lot of offers on them lately and they are so worth the money as they are so interactive.

4.) My Given Name Personalised Book

Again this is something that we reviewed earlier in the year and we just love this book that we recommend them to everyone. My Given Name is a personalised children's story all about how the child in the book was given their name, it has beautiful illustrations and is such a charming book. These books ake such a lovely keepsake and are a bedtime story that can be treasured for many years to come. Available to buy from the website priced at £23.90.

5.) Paw Patrol 

My two pre-schoolers are crazy about Paw Patrol and they have both asked for Paw Patrol things for Christmas. As well as Tsum Tsum the other two things Sophia has asked Santa for is a Skye and Marshall character. She loves Paw Patrol so much that we also have her the lookout tower and Paw patroller as well as the rest of the characters. Available from all leading toy retailers prices start at £12.99.

6.) Playdoh 

Like most young children my little girl loves Playdoh and again it is a really inexpensive gift that would make a great stocking filler. We will be getting her some more Playdoh tubs to go with the sets she already has.

7.) Baby Born 

Another toy that Sophia has really loved reviewing this year is the classic Baby Born doll, she fell in love with this doll and she would make a wonderful Christmas gift.  If you know a little one who is into babies then I am sure they would love this doll. Available from leading toy retailers at around £35.

8.) Northern Lights Elsa Doll

Frozen is still a huge hit with children big and small three years after it was released and this new Frozen Northern Lights light up Elsa doll is amazing. She sings the popular "Let it go" song that little ones will sing along too as well as over 40 phrases and she lights up too. Available from leading toy retailers at around £39.

9.) Ariel Colour Of The Sea Bath Doll

As you can tell my little girl is really into princesses and she adores this Colour of the Sea Ariel bath doll. She is amazed that Ariel sings in the bath when she gets wet and she loves the light up tail, you can read our review here available from leading toy retailers at around £35.

10.) Sylvanian's

Regular readers will probably know that we are huge Sylvanian family fans, not only have we reviewed them a few times in the past but we my teen has a huge collection of them from when she was younger that she has passed down to her younger sister. My three-year-old loves these so much and spends hours playing with them, plus they are super cute and you just can't help but like them. Families cost around £15 from all leading toy retailers. 

So those are the top toys that my own three-year-old daughter is either getting for Christmas or things that she just generally loves. I hope you found it useful. What toys do your little ones like? 

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