Thursday 15 December 2016

My First Scalextric Review

When I was a child I always remember the year that my brother got a Scalextric for Christmas, he was so excited and spent hours racing whoever would race him. Being a mum to a little boy myself now I always imagined buying my son his own Scalextric set when he was older, as they are such a classic childhood toy. I had no idea that they actually had My First Scalextric sets which are aimed at younger children aged 3 and over, making them the perfect introduction to Scalextric for slightly younger racers. 

My First Scalextric review

My two-year-old son Jacob was very kindly sent a My First Scalextric set to review, we were actually sent it a few weeks ago now but due to having a house full of germs and unwell children for weeks on end we have only recently had the time to test it out. When the set arrived I noticed that the packaging was really appealing to children and Jacob knew straight away that the box contained cars, despite never having set eyes on a Scalextric set before. 

My First Scalextric cars

I was a bit apprehensive about setting the track up as I remember it used to take ages to set my brothers up many years ago. I need not have been worried though as setting up the track was really quick and easy, everything just slotted into places to form a figure of eight which is 108cm x 61cm and just the right size for younger children. 

My First Scalextric

The set comes with two Rally cars, one red and one yellow which easily fit onto the track and come with matching coloured controllers, so two people can play at once. The thing that I really liked about this set was that everything is mains powered so no having to hunt around for batteries, you simply set it up, plug it in and enjoy.  

My First Scalextric car

As mentioned the controllers are colour coordinated red and yellow and are mains operated, whilst I love the fact they don't require batteries we did find the wires occasionally got in the way when playing but I am sure slightly older children would not find this a problem at all. The controllers were really easy to use, Jacob is only two and has never played with anything like this before and he figured out how to use them straightaway. He was laughing and shrieking with delight whenever he made his car move, he even realised that if you go to fast around the corners the car will come off the track so he was taking care to keep the cars on the track and can even fix them back on himself when they do come off. 

My First Scalextric review

My three-year-old daughter also really enjoys playing with this set and it is lovely to see the two of them actually playing something together and having fun, instead of constantly fighting with one another. If you have a younger car fan then I am sure that they would love this Scalextric set just as much as my children do. 

You can buy the My First Scalextric set from leading toy retailers for around £29.99 which I think is very reasonable for such a well made and classic toy that the whole family will enjoy. 

Disclosure We were sent this Scalextric set for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 


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