Sunday 18 December 2016

MOD Pizza At The Metrocentre - Review

Edit * MOD Pizza has now closed*

A couple of weeks ago we were invited along to MOD Pizza which has recently opened in the Metrocentre, after hearing great things about the opening in November I could not wait to try it out for myself. Located upstairs in the Qube where all the restaurants are near the cinema you will find MOD Pizza, if you are looking for somewhere quick, affordable, family friendly and delicious to dine then this is the place to visit. 

Before they opened in the Metrocentre I had not heard of MOD Pizza before, they first started in Seattle USA in 2008 and have quickly grown and now have five UK restaurants. As well as the Metrocentre they also have branches in London (Leicester Square), Leeds, Nottingham and Brighton.

MOD Pizza Metrocentre review

I visited with the other half and my two-year-old son and three-year-old daughter on a weekday lunchtime and we were warmly greeted by the super friendly staff. As we had not visited before we were quickly talked through the process and you basically just create your own pizza which they will create and cook before your eyes, exactly as you want it. All pizzas are 11" and created with fresh dough and sauces and you can either create your own or choose from one of the classic Top 10 from the menu. They also serve create your own salads, create your own pizzas and salads are priced at just £7.47 each regardless of how many toppings you select. You can also order mini pizzas or side salads for £4.47 which are great for children, or you can order a mega pizza (which is a double 11" pizza) for £10.47. 

MOD Pizza Toppings

Myself and the children went for the create your own pizzas and the other half choose a pizza off the menu. When you arrive at MOD Pizza you queue up at the counter and select which sauces, cheeses, meat and vegetable toppings you would like on. You really can choose as many or as few as you like and no matter how many you choose the price will stay the same. As the children are so young we decided to get them one 11" regular pizza to share, with plain tomato sauce, double cheese and pepperoni on.

Pizza at MOD

 I went for plain tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, sausage and chicken with mushrooms and red onions. 

Create your own pizza at MOD Metrocentre

And the other half played it safe and ordered a Mad Dog from the menu which was tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage and ground beef. 

MOD Mad Dog Pizza

Once your dream pizza is created you then make your way along the counter where you can order drinks and any extras such as garlic strips. Drink wise I was really impressed with MOD's offerings the children went for strawberry hand spun milkshakes which were super thick and creamy and utterly delicious. Myself and the other half went for the bottomless drink option, meaning we could choose from the soft drink machine or the homemade lemonades on offer. I went for the classic lemonade and he went for the blackberry lemonade, they were by far the nicest lemonades we have ever tasted. 

Lemonade drinks MOD metrocentre

We then made our way to a spacious booth to enjoy our drinks whilst the pizzas cooked in the 300-degree oven in just a matter a minutes. As soon as the pizzas were ready they shout your name out for you to collect and then you can tuck in and enjoy. The base was stone baked and nice and crisp without being too overcooked and the toppings tasted fresh and plentiful making it a perfect lunch. The children really enjoyed their milkshakes and pizza and as it is a really informal fast food type restaurant it felt really laid back and welcoming for families with spacious booths, friendly staff and just a really nice atmosphere. 

A while ago we visited Pizzastorm in Newcastle which is a very similar type of restaurant and I can't help but compare the two. I have to say out of the two MOD is better as it is cheaper and the drink selection was amazing, I would return simply for another lemonade or milkshake alone - they were that good! My teen is desperate to visit MOD Pizza and I am sure we will be visiting the next time we are in the Metrocentre as it is perfect for a quick family lunch whilst out shopping. 

MOD Pizza Metrocentre stawberry milkshake

Have you visited MOD Pizza yet?

Disclosure we were provided with a complimentary meal for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 



  1. These pizzas look yummy, I love pizza. I could just eat a slice and it is only breakfast time, yummy :)

    1. They really were delicious and I am not even a pizza fan xx

  2. Blackberry lemonade sounds so yummy. I love pizza, what a great place to review. It looks delicious. x

  3. I haven't tried MOD Pizza but I'd like to! I have heard they do vegan cheese. Back on the healthy eating wagon for the meantime tho.

    JH |

    1. Oh you should try it sometime it was great. I am back to eating healthy again too xx


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