Sunday 30 October 2016

Thing's I Loved In October

I can't believe that it is almost the end of October, once November starts I will be on the countdown to Christmas. Every month I record things that I have loved from the month gone by, a sort of happy list for me to see what I have been loving that month. Last month I did not have the time to write a post as we were just so busy trying to sort this house ready to move. Typically our moving date has been pushed back and as things stand I currently have no idea at all when we will be moving, fingers crossed it is soon! At the moment we are living in chaos with boxes all over the place. Anyway, let's have a look at what I have been loving this month.

1.) Chloe's Birthday. 

My eldest daughter Chloe turned 14 last week, it sounds so grown up, doesn't it? It certainly makes me feel a lot older than 32 that's for sure! She decided that she wanted to spend the day with me and we went shopping and for lunch in Newcastle before returning home and having takeaway pizzas and watching Harry Potter films. It is so strange having a 14-year-old as buying gifts for her is so hard these days and she ends up picking most of her own gifts. She got lots of Mac and Urban Decay makeup, an Adidas jacket, Pandora ring, Joe and Casper tickets and lots of Lush smellies and bedroom things. 

2.) Half Term

I love having all three of my children at home during school holidays, it is so nice to have lazy mornings in our pj's instead of rushing around to do the nursery run. I did not make any plans for half term as we were meant to be moving, I am glad I did not make any plans though as everyone has been ill. We all had bad colds, then the girls had a sickness bug and Jacob had a temp and was bit unwell. I thought everyone was better but now Jacob has a rash and sickness bug and so does his dad and I just know that it will be sod's law I get it next, I just don't have the time to be unwell. Despite it being a week of illness it was still really nice just spending time with my children watching Disney films at home. 

3.) Disney On Ice

We were really lucky that we were given some tickets to see Disney on Ice when it was in Newcastle over a week ago. I will be writing a post about it soon but due to having sick children all week, I have done zero blogging. I really wanted to go and see the show but I ended up having to stay home with Jacob so the girls and the other half went instead. Sophia had the best time and she came home with a Goofy ted that she takes everywhere with her, she is obsessed with it.  

4.)  Moving Soon

We have been wanting to move for almost a year now but things kept going wrong. However in September we found out the move was happening, we were meant to move two weeks ago but things got pushed back a few weeks. We should *fingers crossed* get a moving date this week and be moved in the next couple of weeks. We are not moving far, just a five-minute walk from where we live now but it is a much bigger house. 

5.) Having A Clear Out

One good thing that has come from us moving is that I have started having a major clear out. I am such a hoarder and we have so much stuff, every cupboard is bursting with stuff we don't want or need. I really need to start selling old baby stuff and toys and getting rid of old books and clothes at the charity shop and booking some skips to get rid of old garden toys and old furniture. I feel so much better and more organised when we have these clear outs. 

6.) The Little Two Enjoying Nursery

In September Jacob started a little pre-school a few hours four mornings a week and he loves it. I was a bit worried about sending him as he has just turned two but he loves it and settled in straight away, I am so glad we sent him as he has made friends and he is having a fab time. Sophia also started nursery at the local primary school in September and she loves it too, she settled in straight away and has made lots of new friends. I am so glad they are both settled and having fun. 

7.) Being Busy Blog Wise

I have been really busy blog wise and have so many lovely reviews to write up, I have had lots of invites to events and to visit places. I even have a few things lined up for next year that I am looking forward to working on. I am also starting a second blog in the new year which will be all about doing up the new house. I am going to start really focusing on my blog in the new year and being more organised (hopefully) as for the last two years I have totally just been winging it and truth be told it stresses me right out as I always leave things until the last minute. Time to get organised. 

8.) Family Meals Out

As a family we love dining out, however in the last year we have not done it as often as normal due to Sophia refusing to eat and Jacob being really loud. We started going out again lately and they have actually eaten and not shouted the place down - really hope I haven't jinxed things by saying that. So we have been out for a few meals as a family and it has been really lovely. 

9.) Darker Nights

I love the darker autumn nights, I love nothing better than snuggling up in my pj's with the heating on drinking a mug of tea and watching TV whilst it is dark and cold outside. I am not a big fan of summer but I do love autumn, apart from all the rain we have lately - I am so not a fan of that. 

10.) Christmas Shopping

I started Christmas shopping properly in the last few weeks. So far I have Sophia and Jacobs main presents in, and most of the Paw Patrol things they want - seriously they are so hard to find in the shops! I only need a few little things and clothes for them both and then they will be done. I still need a lot of Chloe's things, but I never start her shopping until after her birthday. 

So that is what I have been loving in October, what did you love? 

A Cornish Mum



  1. Happy birthday Chloe. Sounds like you have had a busy month. Hope your move goes well

  2. I hope your house move is sorted soon lovely! My eldest will be 13 in July and I'm still trying to get my head around that fact ha :) Sounds like a brilliant month minus the sickness and I'm glad your blog is doing well :)) Thanks for linking up to #LikedandLoved Stevie xx

  3. Sounds like a very busy month and seems like November is going to be just as busy with the house move, good luck! I'm with you in loving the darker evenings, I know a lot of people complain about the clocks changing etc. but I actually don't mind it, like you I love getting into my PJs, wrapping up in a cosy blanket and chilling on the sofa! It's so nice that both the little ones are enjoying nursery, it makes you feel so much better about leaving them when they're happy to go x #LikedandLoved

  4. Sounds like a good month! We moved at the beginning of October. Not too far but it's a better house for us and it's already making such a difference. And that sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday!


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