Wednesday 15 June 2016

Third Time Lucky With Slimming World ?

Everyone who knows me in real life and who has been reading my blog for a while will probably know that I have joined and failed at sticking to Slimming World twice in the past year. Last spring I joined and I did actually go on to lose almost 2 stone and I was feeling amazing, however having a baby (he was 8 months old when I joined) that did not sleep kind of made me lose my motivation as I was knackered and just wanted sugary coffee and choccy biscuits all day. I stopped going to group in the October as I just did not feel like it was the right time for me to lose weight as I was exhausted. 

7lb weight loss in one week on Slimming World

Fast forward a few months and a few days after new year I once again re-joined group and got off to a good start losing 4lbs in the first week but I was not staying to groups, I was not checking my syns and writing things down and the weight was not coming off. I gave up after a few weeks and stopped going to group, in hindsight I was doing the typical new year thing and trying to change so many things all at once and I ended up failing everything. 

Six months later I knew that things needed to change as all the weight I had lost the year before I had regained, I was feeling really rubbish about myself, none of my clothes were fitting and I was just eating for the sake of it and it wasn't making me happy. I knew that things had to change, so last week I re-joined my local Slimming World group for the third time. 

I know it sounds cheesy but this time it felt different, I feel like the plan has clicked into place and I have no interest in ordering takeaways or eating crisps and bread, I am actually enjoying eating healthier again. During my first week I made sure I wrote everything down, drank water, avoided bread as that is one of my biggest weaknesses and I just stuck to the plan making sure I was eating lots of speed foods (fruit & veg). 

On Monday I had my first weigh in and I was hoping for a 2lb loss, imagine my utter delight when I realised that I had lost 7lbs and received my half a stone award in my first week back on the plan. I am so shocked as I feel like I have ate so much this last week, I have also ate a packet of crisps every single day too with my syns. Normally after weigh in I would go home and have a 'treat night' eating a takeaway, chocolate or whatever else I fancied, this week I did not do that.

I feel motivated and like I am now in the right frame of mind to actually stick at the plan and lose this weight once and for all. I don't know how much weight I need to lose as I am not sure what I want my target weight to be yet, but I do want to lose at least five stone to get me back to my pre baby size. We are booking a holiday soon for next summer and I am hoping that will be my motivation to stick to the plan and lose this weight once and for all. I really don't want to be the fat mam covering up around the pool, I want to be in the pool with my children enjoying myself and making lots of special memories with them. 

So from now on I will be back posting my weight loss updates and sharing recipes again, Pinterest loves when I do that even if the photos are shockingly bad! I will share my good weeks and my bad weeks and hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky for me and I will no longer feel so fat and rubbish anymore. 

So I bet you want to know what I ate to lose 7lb in a week ? I have listed what I ate below. 

Tuesday  B  2 Hi Fi light bars & an apple
               L   Lean gammon, egg fried in frylight, mushrooms & beans 
               D   Grilled chicken with nando's rub (syned), Jacket potato, corn on cob & salad

Wednesday  B 2 Hi Fi Bars & a pear  
                    L Jacket potato & beans and an apple & pear
                    D Chilli & rice 

Thursday   B Melon 
                  L Chicken salad 
                  D Sweet chilli chicken (syned) with new potatoes & salad 

Friday    B 2 weetabix & a banana 
               L Lean bacon, mushroom, egg fried in frylight & beans 
               D Mushy pea curry & boiled rice 

Saturday   B 2 weetabix & a banana 
                 L Salad pot from supermarket as we were out
                 D Salmon stir fry with dry egg noddles

Sunday   B 2 Hi Fi bars & Raspberries
               L Crustless quiche & red slaw 
               D Lean lamb steak, rosemary potatoes, carrots and sugar snap peas 

I also ate 10-15 syns per day which I used on things like sauces to go with my meals and a packet of crisps every day. Fingers crossed that I have another loss this week, although I am going out for a Chinese meal over the weekend for the other half's birthday and I had a Toby carvery for lunch today gutted I missed out on the stuffing and roast potatoes! 

I will let you all know how I got on next week & if you know any healthy recipes please let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Well done! I'm on my first week! Never done slimming world before, but am enjoying it. My first weigh in tomorrow! What do you have for your healthy extras? x

    1. Thank you Emily, good luck for your first weigh in I bet you do great. I have 250 ml of semi skimmed milk everyday which I use on weetabix and in tea/ coffee and then I have 2 hi-fi light bars or 2 weetabix for my b everyday xx

  2. Im back omn the weight loss journey but Im not doing slimming world this time, and Im trying not to use my scales and just go by how my body feels!

    1. Good luck I am sure you will do fab, I love your way of thinking I want to drop a few dress sizes but have no idea what i want to weigh if that makes sense ? xx

  3. I joined Slimming World on Monday so am a couple of days away from seeing how my first week has gone. I've found it hard, to be honest. I feel like I think about food all the time! I feel encouraged by reading about your loss though so thank you, please keep sharing! Am hoping I have lost a couple of pounds come Monday! Xx

    1. Good luck for your first weigh in tomorrow Kiran, I am sure you will have a great loss. I thought about food all the time too at first, it soon becomes second nature though xx

  4. I really need to go back to slimming world, but as you say you need the motivation. Congrats on the 7lb loss

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte, this is my third time on the plan but this time it feels different. I totally think you need to be in the right frame of mind to stick to it xx


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