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May 2016

I feel like it has been ages since I last wrote a monthly round up post, probably because I normally post them on the first of the month and this month I am very late. I am not sure if it is because the sun is shining and I want to be outdoors more or what but lately I have seriously been slacking on the blogging front. I have hardly blogged, I have been quiet on social media and have a review list that is shockingly long, my stats are dreadful too. You know what I honestly don't mind as sometimes I think that it is nice to take a little break from blogging and just enjoy life. 

starter at jesmond dene house pate

Anyway enough of me babbling on here is my little monthly round up of what we got up to in May. I love writing these posts to look back on what we have been up to as a family. 

Personal Life 

The big news this month was that Sophia turned three and we had a busy few days celebrating her birthday with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to see the panda's and penguins. I also travelled to Manchester for the weekend at the start of the month to attend the Blog On event and it was so nice catching up with blogging friends as no-one really 'gets' blogging other then blogging pals. 

I mentioned last month that me and the other half have decided to have monthly 'date nights' and in May we were lucky enough to be invited along to beautiful Jesmond Dene House to try out their new early evening menu. If you are local you so should go as it is amazing value! I was also invited to St Mary's Inn for afternoon tea and I invited my dad and teen along with me to spend some time with them without little people interrupting. 

dessert at jesmond dene house

It was half term again at the end of May so my teen enjoyed having the week of school to be lazy and have lie ins and spend her afternoons out with her friends. I honestly hardly see her these days as she is either asleep, out or surgically attached to her ipad watching Netflix! 

Sophia turned three and it was the first year she realised it was her birthday and she was so excited. We did not have a party this year but we did take her to soft play on her birthday and then to the zoo the next day on the train, she loves trains and animals. She honestly had the best day ever at the zoo as she fell in love with the penguins and monkeys and she never stopped smiling all day long. She really seems to have changed so much this month too, she looks and acts so like a little girl now rather then a toddler and she talks non-stop! 


Jacob is the same as always, loud and a little escape artist who likes to tinker with things. He is only 21 months and he has already decided to potty train himself which we are amazed by, he is so smart and takes so much in. He loves being in the garden and just wants to be outdoors running about and playing non-stop, he does like putting snails in his mouth though so we have to watch him like a hawk. 

A rare photo of me & all three of my children - typical one of them is crying! 
And the other half is exactly the same as normal, I don't think he has actually done very much this month apart from work! Although he did have a week off for Sophia's birthday which she loved as she is such a daddy's girl. 

Blog Life

Last month I mentioned that my blog was really quiet well this month has been even quieter, it is a bit like tumbleweed at the moment! I have so many blog posts ideas and so many reviews to write up (sorry if you are PR waiting for a review or sponsored post). I just can't find the motivation to actually sit and write them, I normally blog on my other half's day off but with the nice weather I just want to go out or be in the garden. I am planning a major catch-up day next week so I can get back on track, as I hate having things outstanding. 

I did actually work with some lovely brands in May though I worked with My Given Name which is an amazing personalised children's book. I worked with the Baby Swimming Shop on a review and giveaway, they sell some fab children's swimwear. I also worked with Orchard toys, P&G, and Jesmond Dene House and St Mary's Inn. I shared my review of my gorgeous Summer wedges from Hotter - they are not granny shoes at all! 

Hotter Roxanne tan wedges summer 2016 range

I also made Mumsnet front page with a story on donating my mums organs when she died, to mark the 11th anniversary of her death. I was really unsure of writing this post but I think it is such an important subject that more people should talk about. 

I defiantly want to get back in the habit of writing more personal stories as that is why I started this blog in the first place really, so my children can look back on it someday. Their is so many things that I did not know about my mum and now I will never find them out, I want my children to know everything about me and their childhood's. 

Anyway enough of me rambling on and on as per usual. So that was basically what May was like for us, a month filled with birthday celebrations, days in the garden and a few nice meals out. 

Did you do anything nice in May ? I would love to know in the comments below. 


  1. It's definitely nice to take a break and I think everyone's blogs are naturally quieter when the weather is nice. I'm having a whole 10 days off blogging soon - I don't even have any posts scheduled during that period. It is a FIRST for me but looking forward to it.

    May was cool - loved half term with the kiddies but I'm counting down to 6 weeks hols now x

    1. I hope that you enjoy your 10 day break, you deserve it and it will lovely to just switch off and enjoy your holiday with no distractions. When we go away next year I am doing the same and I can't wait! xx

  2. I think while the sun is shining you should make the most of it...hehehe
    Your teen sounds so much like mine. She sleeps so much now and when she isn't sleeping she's on the laptop or tablet.
    It sounds like Sophia had a wonderful birthday!
    It sounds like a great month for you! Lovely photos x

    1. You really should, especially as it is always horrible weather here isn't it? I am glad it is not just my teen lol, she honestly sleeps until lunch time then spends the day in her PJ's with the hood up on her dressing gown in her room on the ipad. Sophia really did have a lovely birthday thank you xx

  3. What a busy month but it looks like you've had a lot of fun. Happy birthday to Sophia.

  4. Lovely to hear all your updates and I totally know what you mean about finding motivation. I've been a bit lacking myself lately! My teen is exactly the same, we're lucky if we see her at all and she's permanently plugged into earphones so she doesn't even hear me when I talk to her!

  5. Happy 3rd birthday to your little one. My husband and I have been wanting to do some date-nights too, at the moment, we only have movie nights at home. I know what you mean. I've also been struggling with going back to blogging after a break. Hopefully, we'll get our mojos back soon! :)

  6. Looks like a fun month, totally agree the weather has slowed things down. We camped a lot in May. It was fun. You'll have glad of some down time.

  7. I remember reading your review of the wedges, I was the same in many busy and not motivated to review the products I have but getting their slowly

  8. Sounds like a lovely month, I love a good afternoon tea. I can't believe your son is potty training himself, thats amazing. Holly is the same age and there is no way she would do that. Well done x

  9. Sounds like you had a really busy month! May seems like such a long time ago, I can barely remember what I did!

  10. You deserve the recognition you get, sorry to hear about your mum but donating organs is something I would like to do when I die too. xx

  11. May was a busy month tor you. Think I saw your post on the Mumsnet page.


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