Sunday 5 June 2016

Jacob's Summer Of Firsts

Being a mum of three I understand all to well how quickly children grow up and change. As my little boy Jacob is my youngest and most likely my last ever 'baby' I try and saviour every single one of his first experiences. Last year was a big year for him as he celebrated his first birthday, took his first steps, ate his first foods, got his first tooth and said his first words, among so many other wonderful first moments. However last year he was still so very young and he won't remember any of the experiences himself. 

This year however things are different he will be two at the end of August and he is now an adventurous little boy with a mind of his own and the world at his feet. This year Jacob understands everything that is going on around him and he understands and soaks everything in like a little sponge, it is a joy to watch him discover things for the very first time. 

Giant Male panda at Edinburgh Zoo
This summer is already getting off to a successful start of letting Jacob experience lots of things for the very first time, he recently had his first hair cut and went on his first train ride. Last week he went on his best adventure yet when we visited Edinburgh Zoo and he got to see real life monkeys, penguins, lions and panda's, although he actually slept through meeting the amazing giant panda. He did however fall in love with the penguins, so much so that we ended up having to buy him a big stuffed toy one, which he now takes to bed with him in his cot every single night as he adores it so much. 

First Hair Cut
Whilst we were exploring the zoo Jacob took many stops to refuel on food ready for climbing the hilly zoo and meeting the animal inhabitants. One of his all time favourite foods are without a doubt My First Petits Filous, we made sure we brought some along in are picnic that day. My First Petits Filous are tailored for children from 6 months of age as they contain 100% naturally sourced ingredients. They also contain calcium and protein for strong bones, have not bits or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, they are also suitable for vegetarians and are also gluten free too making them a perfect first food choice. 
I am sure that my little boy will be having many more adventures this summer as we embark on his summer of firsts. I am already looking forward to taking him on his first merry go round at the fair, his first paddle in the sea, his first wedding and all of the other magical firsts he will experience over the coming months. At the moment he is enjoying his first summer playing with his sister in the garden, it fills my heart with joy when I hear their laughter and amazement when they spy butterfly's fluttering by as they play.

I just hope that I can treasure these memories forever as they are so wonderful and I never want to forget a single one. 

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  1. Lovely to hear special firsts. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    1. Your welcome, thank you for taking the time to comment. x

  2. It is so nice to celebrate all the milestones, enjoy it, they grow so fast

  3. Aww lovely to see these firsts. First hair cut and train ride is pretty big. Lovely to be able to remember them x

    1. Thank you Kerry, they really are I have kept a lock of his hair x


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