Friday 17 June 2016

Education Quizzes - Helping Children Learn At Home

It was a long time since I was last at school and so much has changed since I was a student back in the late 90's, so much so that I don't even understand what some of the subjects my teen is learning about. I often find myself having to google what her homework means when she asks me for help, as I simply don't understand some of the subjects she studies. My youngest daughter will be starting primary school next year and I don't want to be googling her homework too, hopefully I am smarter then a 5 year old.

So when I heard about Education Quizzes a brilliant site that has quick fun quizzes for all children from key stage 1 (reception age) right up to GSCE age I just had to have a look and see how much of the curriculum I actually know. The site is nice and colourful and super easy to use and is broken up into individual sections such as key stage 1, Key stage 2, 11 plus, Key stage 3 and GCSE. When you click on each section it will give you a description what that section is about and then a list of subjects for you to choose from and then you can start the quizzes.

What I love is that all of the quizzes have been written by teachers, meaning that all the questions are relevant to what your child is learning about at school. You can compete the quizzes at your own pace, easily jumping from subject to subject. Each quiz is also clearly labelled before you start so you can pick a one that is relevant to what your child is learning about at the moment. They are fairly short with about 10 questions and they let you know if your answer is right or wrong and if it is wrong they explain the right one to you, you also get your score at the end.

I have just spent the last half an hour having a go at the quizzes myself, I aced the Key stage 1 questions however Key stage 3 was harder then I thought! The way these quizzes are set out and the overall layout of the website is really appealing and fun and my teen thought that it was great she could answer the quizzes with ease whilst I was getting questions wrong.

My teen is at an age where she does not really like to do homework and it is a chore that we have to nag her to do. She did enjoy completing these quizzes with me though on her ipad, she said that it does not feel like she is learning or doing work as she is just answering a few quick questions. I think that they are fun for children and we all know that when a child enjoys something they will want to do it without us parents having to nag them to do so.

Access to the site does come at a small monthly costs of £7.50 per month, which you can cancel at any time. Personally I think that this is great value for a site that will encourage your child to learn and put their knowledge to the test, I think it would be really useful in the lead up to GCSE's as a revision tool or during the long summer holidays to keep little minds refreshed. However the team behind Education Quizzes do understand that not everyone can afford this so are trying to promote the site to school's. Schools can benefit from amazing savings with prices starting from just £2 per child per year, depending on the number of children signing up. It might be worth mentioning this to your own child's school as I think that anything that will help children carry on learning outside of school can only be a good thing and it could well look good for the next time OFSTED visit.

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  1. This sounds like a really good site and perfect for my eldest who is going up to secondary school this year. I will have to check it out.

    1. It is a really useful site, my daughter is in secondary school and it is great for seeing what she is learning about x

  2. This looks like a useful site. It is amazing how much I have forgotten since I left school!


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