Friday 8 January 2016

December 2015

Each month I like to write a little round-up type post of the month gone by, a way to record and remember what we have been up to as a family. I love writing these posts as I hope that someday my children will read them and they will help them remember their childhoods. I normally write these posts on the 1st of the month but with Christmas and new year I am a bit out of the swing of things blogging wise and I am so behind with posts, please bear with me the next few weeks whilst I catch up. 

It seems so long ago since I wrote Novembers update which was a lovely month for myself and my family, so let's have a look at what December was like for us. Firstly sorry for the lack of photos as I took hardly any over Christmas and the ones I have taken are special ones that I want to keep just for us. 

Personal Life.

Most of December was taken up with Christmas gift shopping, wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards and the general craziness that is Christmas. We did have a few nice days out though we took Sophia and Jacob to visit Santa, it was a bit of a disaster though as poor Sophia was terrified of him. Chloe also went to see Metro radio Christmas live at the arena where she watched acts such as Olly Murs and Nathan Sykes perform. 

Christmas was magical this year, we spent Christmas Eve at home watching festive films before having a Chinese take away for tea (a must on Xmas eve) followed by baths and new PJ's all around. A glass of milk and mince pie was left out for Santa, along with a carrot for Rudolph and a scattering of magic reindeer dust was left on the driveway to help the reindeer find their way. 

Christmas morning the other half woke the children at 6am (he was more excited then them) and all three of them piled in to our bed to open their fluffy red stockings before heading downstairs to see if Santa had been. Their faces were a picture and the best part of Christmas for me is seeing the look of joy when they open their gifts. Chloe got an iPad (which was a total surprise to her) concert tickets, Pandora jewellery and typical teenage girl gifts like clothes, smellies and bedroom stuff. Sophia got a gorgeous wooden kitchen, dressing up outfits, Toy Story toys and a Baby Annabell along with so many other things. Jacob got mainly toot toot play sets, a train set and lots of clothes as he already has so many toys. 

Christmas morning was spent opening gifts, eating bacon sandwiches and drinking coffee from the other half's new coffee machine that I brought him, I got a lovely Pandora ring and a Yankee candle from him. We then all got dressed into Christmas outfits and went to the local Indian restaurant with family, we have been going for years and it was nice but with the age of my little two, it was just too stressful. We won't be going again next year as they were noisy and restless and I felt sorry for the other dinners having to listen to them, but they are only little and just wanted to be at home with their toys. The rest of Christmas day was spent relaxing with family. 

New year we stayed in with another Chinese takeaway and we were all in bed by 9pm as myself and the children were ill since boxing day, we still are a little bit now two weeks later. On new years day, I finally got my Christmas dinner and it was so yummy, defiantly the best meal of the year in my eyes. 

The whole month was dominated by Christmas preparations, the big day its self and then illness. So we have spent most of the month having lazy days at home watching films, Inside out seems to be the little one's favourite film at the moment and I have to say I have a bit of a soft spot for Bing Bong. 

Blog Life

Last month was a bit of a disaster on the blogging front, I took two weeks off over the festive period as I just wanted to spend time with my family. I did review a gorgeous Santa train set to go around the Christmas tree and a very cute Princess cash register which my little girl adores. We shared some winter drinks ideas to keep you hydrated in the colder months and shared some winter beauty tips from Emma Wills and Gillette Venus.

The break from blogging seems to have been just what I needed as I feel like I now know what direction I want this blog to go in and I have some big plans for this little blog of mine. I will be making lots of little changes to improve my blog over the next few weeks, just updating things and improving things. I am also going to set up a feature on my blog showcasing other bloggers family life (to tie in with my blog name). I also plan on featuring more Slimming world posts as these were popular last year (yes I am back on the diet waggon). I want to feature more days out and showcase more of Newcastle. I won't be featuring much of my oldest daughter for the simple fact she is a teenager and she won't want her mam mentioning her on the Internet for everyone to see, I don't blame her as nor would I. 

So those are my plans for this blog, I will still be featuring reviews and giveaways and other ramblings and snippets of are family life here in Newcastle too. I am planning on being organised and working harder on my blog this year as I feel like I know what I am doing a bit more then I have in the past and I want to turn it into something that I am proud of. 

So that was are month, how was your December ? 



  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Well apart from being ill. Ugh! I hope you are all feeling better now x

    1. Thank you Kim, I am starting to feel better now thank you. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, it look's like your girls were spoilt off santa xx

  2. Hope you're feeling better lovely and you were able to enjoy Christmas :)

    Gemma xx

    1. Thank you Gemma I am slowly starting to feel better although the little ones are still a little unwell xx


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