Thursday 21 January 2016

Slimming World Weigh In Two

I originally planned on posting all my Slimming World updates on a Wednesday, but as always life got in the way and I have only just found the time to sit down and write this now. After my amazing 5.5lb first weeks weigh in last week I was full of determination to lose 1.5lb this week and get my first half stone award. I sat down and meal planned and was all set for a good week but all my good intentions went out the window this week. 

This week was star week, basically that time of the month, I know sorry for too much information. I have tried losing weight so many times before in the past and I know that whenever it is star week I put weight on before losing it the following week. I gained 1lb which although was a little disappointing was something that I was expecting as I know what my body is like. 

Even though I had a small gain I made sure that I stayed to group like I promised myself I would do each week, as this is the only way that I stay motivated and on the plan. I came away from group feeling motivated and have all my meals planned for the week and my fridge is full of healthy fruits, lean meats and yoghurts ready to whip up some lovely syn free meals. 

I was planning on posting what I had eaten this week to give others ideas of meals to eat when on Slimming World, but I don't think anyone will want to copy me if I gained a pound. Anyway here is a quick look at what I ate last week.

Monday -  Treat night - Tacos ( Not slimming World Friendly)
Tuesday-   Meal out of chicken and salad.
Wednesday- Mayflower Chinese chicken curry with rice
Thursday-  Grilled chicken and salad.
Friday-      Homemade burger, chips and salad
Saturday-  Pork steak, new potatoes and salad
Sunday-    Chicken curry with rice. 

I had two Weetabix with semi skimmed milk and topped with banana most days for breakfast, lunches I had quick meals such as Pasta & sauce, salads and jacket potato with tuna. I snacked on fruit, Mullerlights, Hi-fi bars and low syn crisps (my biggest downfall) such as quavers and wotsits. 

I am really hoping that I lost 2.5lbs this week so that I can get my half stone award and share a more positive weigh in with you all next week, so far things are going well and I am writing everything I eat down and have been trying lots of new meals which I shall be sharing with you all next week.

If you are doing Slimming World have a great week and please let me know what your favourite low syn meal is in the comments below, as I am always looking for new recipes. 


  1. You're right not to let a small gain get you down - hubs put on 1.5lb this week, which he's disappointed in, but it's a fresh week :) Our favourites are homemade burgers, chilli con carne and pizza-topped chicken. Wishing you all the best for this week, hun xxx

    1. I bet he goes on to have a good weight loss this week. I love chilli and burgers, I have never tried the pizza topped chicken though so I will have to try that out thanks for the idea xx

  2. Did you do the Mayflower in the slow cooker? This is on this weeks list to try. Was it nice?

    Well done though hun on your first weeks loss hun thy was fab. I started in June and have lost 1stone 9 lbs now. Xx

    1. Yeah it was quiet nice, you should try it. I made mine with egg fried rice which was nice. You are doing amazing , I bet you are almost at target now ? xx

  3. It's so easy to lose your way when you don't lose but you seem determined. I really wanted to get my half stone too but we can do it! Good luck xx

    1. Thank you Beth, I bet you get your half stone this week as you are so so close with only 0.5lb to lose. I know normally when I gain weight I go home and pig out and give out but I have made sure I have wrote everything down this week as I really want to lose the weight this year once and for all xx


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