Monday 4 January 2016

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Regular readers will probably know by now that we are planning on moving home this year, as our current home is just not big enough for our family. I am really excited about moving as I am so looking forward to creating a home perfect for our family. One room that I am most looking forward to transforming is a bedroom for my teenage daughter. 

At the moment her room is fairly plain and boring, after browsing online I have decided to really make her room special. Teenagers are notoriously messy so I am hoping that if we create a nice space for her she may even keep her new bedroom tidy, or maybe that is just wishful thinking? 

I want to create somewhere that is slightly grown up but still fun and girly, with plain walls that can be easily transformed as she grows, but with lots of fun prints and girly accessories and splashes of colour. I do not want the room to be too grown up as she is only 13, but I want to create a room that will easily grow with her over the next few years.

Looking online has been a great way for me to discover some fantastic Kids Bedroom ideas not only for my teenager's bedroom but also for my younger two children's bedrooms too. I now have so many ideas in my mind for how I can transform their bedrooms into something special. I have discovered ideas that I would never have thought of doing before, such as seeing how well certain colours work together and clever storage solutions. 

I am planning on creating a bedroom she can relax and do her homework in, but also somewhere that she can have fun and spend time with her friends. I want a room that has plenty of storage to keep the room clutter free. I also want lots of white neutral shelving and a desk to help store all of her books and school things safe. 

Obviously being a parent to a teenager I know that she has her own mind and wants to help design her room on her own. So we have sat down and had a look online at ideas together, this has helped us come up with some ideas that we are both happy with. Such as she wanted bright pink and turquoise walls which I thought would be a bit too bright, we have decided on plain neutral walls but with bright pink and turquoise soft furnishings and accessories instead. 

I am excited to see what we come up with and I will be sure to be sharing the finished results on the blog once we move and the room is complete. If you have a teen how have you decorated their bedroom? 

Collaborative post.

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