Monday 11 January 2016

A look Back On Jacob's Weaning Journey With Vital Baby

This time last year my youngest child Jacob was almost five months old and we decided to wean him a little earlier than recommended on the advice of our health visitor, as he was suffering from colic and reflux and was such a big hungry baby. As he was only almost five months old we started off weaning him on baby rice before slowly introducing baby porridge and then fruit and vegetable purees and lastly finger food.  

Jacob loved his food and weaning him was such a lovely experience, when he was ten months old we were invited to be part of the #WeaningWarriors team by Vital baby and I wrote about the start of our weaning journey. I wrote about how we started Jacobs weaning journey and how he was at the stage where he was starting to eat family meals, I also shared some expert weaning tips from Dr Rana Conway.

Jacob is now 16 months old and his weaning journey has now come to an end, as he is a little toddler who joins in with family meal times and just eats whatever we eat. He will eat almost anything that you give him, although he does have his favourite foods with tomatoes, bananas, roast dinners and noddles (especially from the Chinese takeaway) being firm favourites of his. He will tell us if he likes or dislikes something and he will happily sit in his highchair and feed himself with his cutlery.

I remember being so nervous to start weaning Jacob as his older sister had been really difficult to wean as she was and still is an incredibly fussy eater, who we suspect has some kind of oral sensory problems. I think that when it comes to weaning their really is no need to be worried and as long as you seek advice, follow your babies lead, trust your instincts and are prepared then the whole process can be enjoyable and stress free for both parents and little ones.

First tastes 
Working with Vital Baby as weaning warriors meant that we were sent a bundle of weaning items and these really have helped to make are weaning journey so much easier. Jacob still uses the spoons and food pots to this day and they have lasted so well and are still really useful all these months later. I really do believe that stocking up on useful weaning essentials helps make the whole process so much easier, as lets face it weaning can be messy at times and products that can make your life a little bit easier get a big thumbs up from this mum. 

I have liked working with Vital baby and sharing our weaning journey on my blog as little ones really do grow so fast. I am finding it so hard to believe that the little baby I was giving baby rice too is now a proper little toddler boy who happily sits and gobbles up his meals all on his own. We have now finished are weaning journey but if you are just starting or about to start then you really should check out Dr Rana Conway expert tips and check out the weaning range that Vital baby have.

He is now a toddler who loves eating out
Don't forget to relax, enjoy it and take lots of photos, as before you know it that little baby having their first taste of food will be a toddler who feeds themselves and you will be left wondering where your little baby has gone too.

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