Saturday 5 August 2017

Thing's I Loved July 2017

Every month I write a post of things that I have loved from the month gone by, a happy list to look back on. Last month was an amazing month for us, this month less so as we have had some rather big unexpected bills and broken appliances to deal with. However, we still had some nice moments in July so here is a look at some of the thing's I have been loving from the month gone by. 

1.) Meeting Mister Maker

We were invited along to see Mister Maker and the Shapes live at Whitley Bay Playhouse in July, the children loved the show. At the end of the show, we were lucky enough to meet Mister Maker and get photos taken with him and he was so friendly with the children, Jacob now thinks that Mister Maker is his friend. 

2.) Booking A Wedding Venue

Earlier this month we booked our wedding venue, we actually fell in love with the first venue we went to look at and they were free on the date we wanted to get married - fate! We are getting married in a manor house at a golf club, not far from where we live and it has beautiful grounds for photos. My dad kindly paid the £700 deposit for us for June 2019, which seems ages away. 

3.) Wedding Planning

Obviously now we have a venue booked I have been busy wedding planning, I have been to see an event dresser and have been thinking about colour schemes and what kind of wedding we want. I think we have an idea of what kind of a day we want, it is quite fun planning a day that is perfect for us and the children. We have decided we are not telling anyone anything about the day as already family are grumbling about who we aren't inviting and the menu choices etc, at the end of the day if people don't like it then they don't have to come as the day is about us and our children no one else. 

4.) Bond Between The Little Two

The little two are so lovely together at the moment, yes they fight like all siblings do but they are really starting to be lovely together. They play together and look out for one another and it is so lovely to watch. 

5.) Christmas Shopping

I know it is only July but we have already started thinking about Christmas and started Christmas shopping. We already have the little two's main gifts in and hopefully, we will have most of their gifts in soon. Every year I am so disorganised for Christmas and get stressed that I leave things to the last minute so this year I want to try and be organised and just enjoy the build up to the festive season. 

6.) Nursery Graduations

Both the children graduated from nursery/ pre-school on the same day at the end of the term. Sophia graduated from nursery school as she will be starting full-time reception school in September and Jacob graduated from pre-school as he will be starting nursery school in September. I am feeling a little nervous about them starting as I am not sure if they are ready, Sophia has just turned four and Jacob is not even three yet and is going to be the youngest in his year. Hopefully, they will settle in and have fun though. 

7.) Speech 

Sophia my 4-year-old has delayed speech and for the last few months she has been attending a special communication school two full days a week and she will be having speech therapy during the summer holidays too. However her speech is improving, she now speaks in full sentences and she is easier to understand than she was and she also knows and uses so much Makaton to help people understand her. She is confident now she is speaking more and she is making more friends which is lovely to watch. 

8.) Decluttering

We have been decluttering lately and I feel so much better for it, we have cleared the shed out as it was full of boxes from when we moved in November. I have also started clearing cupboards and sorting wardrobes as even though we had a huge clear out when we moved we still have so much stuff. I really need to start sorting the children's toys and getting rid of all the old baby stuff as we just don't need them anymore. 

9.) Love Island 

I was so late to join the Love Island bandwaggon, everyone was going on about it so I started watching it on catch-up about half way through the series and loved it. I do love some trashy reality TV. 

10.) Summer Holiday's

I am so happy that it is the summer holidays, I love spending time with the children and not having the routine of school to worry about. We have not got a lot planned as the other half is working a lot but I am sure we will have a few nice days out and we also have Jacob's 3rd birthday to look forward to in August. 

So that is some of the things that I have been loving from the month gone by. What were your July highlights? 

A Cornish Mum


  1. Oh it all sounds so exciting! Especially the wedding plans. You must be excited! x

    1. It is very exciting planning a wedding, although it doesn't really feel real as it is so long away x

  2. How exciting that you've booked a venue! The time will fly by x

  3. Well done on booking your wedding, I loved planning ours so much I wish I could go back and do it all again. I have to admit I loved Love Island too and still miss it! x #LikedandLoved

  4. I LOVE that he thinks Mister Maker is his bestie, that is so cute! As is how happy he looks in that photo :) Such a cutie. Eek and yay to booking the date for your wedding and venue, it may seem ages away but it'll be fun having so long to plan it and make it exactly how you want it. A fab month lovely and thank you so much for joining in with #LikedandLoved as always xx


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