Saturday 26 August 2017

Surviving The Summer Holidays With Berocca

We are now on week 5 of the summer holidays and I don't know about you but I have been feeling pretty exhausted from having all three of my children home and having to keep them entertained. My little boy likes to wake me up at 5.30 am, every single morning - thanks, son! My partner is often at work so it is up to me to entertain a just turned 3-year-old, 4-year-old and 14 year old on my own, as well as all the normal chores such as cooking and housework and I was certainly starting to feel a bit lacking in energy. 

For the first few weeks of the holidays, I was surviving on vats of sugary coffee and sugary treats to try and perk me up and get through the day. This just resulted in me hitting a bit of a mid afternoon slump most afternoons, it is also not great for my pre-wedding diet either. So last week I made a bit of an effort to get back to eating healthy and I also started taking Berocca each morning with my breakfast. 


Berocca is the UK's number 1 energy vitamin and is perfect for us busy parents, it helps you feel like "You but on a really good day". To take, you simply dissolve a fizzy Berocca tablet in a glass of water each morning and drink it alongside your breakfast. It is packed full of B vitamins such as B1 and B2 which realise natural energy throughout the day, helping you avoid the dreaded mid-day energy slump.  

As I mentioned Berocca is a vitamin tablet that you simply dissolve in a glass of water and it actually tastes ok. It is an orange drink that it is not too strong and is really easy to drink, they also do a berry, tropical or mango flavor. I have been taking my Berocca each morning alongside my breakfast and I honestly do feel like I have more energy for the rest of the day, I have been consuming a lot less caffeine and sugar as a result, bonus! I have noticed that on the days I have forgotten to take my Berocca I am more tired and grumpy and definitely have less energy to get active with the kids. 

In the last week, we have had days out at the beach, braved soft-play, birthday parties and the circus and I certainly had more energy to chase my young children about and stay up late on an evening with my teen. We have just one more week of the school holidays left and I am trying to cram as much fun time in as I can with my children before my youngest two start actual school. Jacob is off to nursery school and Sophia is starting reception and my teen is starting year 10 and her GCSE year, yikes. 

I feel ready to enjoy the last week of the holidays now and the mad dash to get everyone sorted for back to school and a new routine for us. Berocca really is me but on a really good day. 

Disclosure Collaborative post with Berocca & Tots100. 


  1. I think I need this Berocca. Heard a lot of good things about it now.

  2. Aw I am glad to hear that it has given you that boost of energy needed for all those activities! It sounds like you had a very busy summer x

  3. Berocca sounds really good and I definitely need more energy with having a toddler x

  4. I take these occasionally. They really do help when you haven't had enough sleep and feel a little run down.

  5. Gosh, I think that I will never get used to getting up that early when I have kids :)

  6. My partner regularly has Berocca to give himself a boost. Maybe I need to try it too!

  7. I've never tried Berocca but I've heard a lot about it. I must give it's go - need to get my energy levels higher.

  8. I have my chewable vitamins but used to love taking Berocca with my breakfast. I need to start doing that again


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