Tuesday 1 September 2015

August 2015

I can not believe that it is the 1st of September already, I really do feel like this year is going by far too quickly. With that in mind, I have decided that I am going to do a post each month looking back on the previous month, a bit of a monthly round-up type post. I am hoping that these posts will not only highlight my blogging month but also a snippet of our real family life too. After all, that is why I started this blog in the first place to record our family life, so that we can look back on it in years to come and my children can remember their childhood. 

St Mary Lighthouse Whitley Bay coast

So here is a look at what August 2015 had in store for us.


August was a nice month for us as a family the biggest thing was that Jacob turned one! I can not believe that my baby boy is one whole year old, the last year has gone by so quickly and I still remember announcing his birth on here like it was yesterday. On his birthday we just went out to a local pub that has a children play area with some family for a meal, he really enjoyed himself and it was nice and relaxing. We then had a family day out the following week when his daddy was off work and a little tea party. 

In August we have had lots of family day's out with it being the summer holidays and Chloe being off school and Lee also had a week off from work. We have been to the beach, to South Shields fair, Shopping at the Metro centre, we have been for lots of meals out and visited soft plays and had shopping trips. Chloe and Lee visited Lightwater Valley theme park. Chloe went to Whitby with her Grandad and stayed over at his during the holidays, she has also been out a lot with her friends swimming, to wet and wild, shopping and to the park. 

I had a bit of a blip on my diet where I did not attend a group for a few weeks as I just could not make my group as we were always busy. I decided to change my Slimming World group and I am so glad that I did as I love my new group and I feel much more motivated and I am now back on track and have now lost one and a half stone since I started a few months ago. 

Both Sophia and Jacob had check-ups with the health visitor Sophia had a 26 month check up, we went to the clinic and they watched her play whilst I answered lots of questions about her. They said she has great problem solving and imaginative skills and is very confident. However they have referred her to physio as they think she may be hypermobile like her mammy, I just hope she does not get the awful leg cramps I use to get as a child. 

She has also been referred for speech therapy as she is not putting four and five words together she only says one or two words together and refuses to say her own name. I was not concerned about her talking as she does speak and copies almost everything we say but they seem to think the fact she won't say her own name is strange. We have also started potty training her this last week and it is going well so far, touch wood. 

Jacob had his one year check up and he sailed through that as he is doing everything he should like walking, talking, feeding himself, playing etc. He weighs 26lbs now which seems so big, he is now in size 5 pampers nappies and is wearing his 12-18 month clothes and we are getting him his very first pair of shoes this week now that he is walking everywhere. 

Chloe has enjoyed the holidays as she has been able to spend most mornings in bed being a typical lazy teenager. She will be going into year 8 later this week when she returns to school and she will be 13 next month which seems so grown up to me. 


I have been a bit quiet on my blog and social media over the summer as I have been enjoying lots of family time and day's out. This has given me time to reflect on my blog and have a good think about things and I have decided that I am going to be making some changes to my blog over the next couple of months.

 Firstly I am all booked up for a new blog design which I am so excited about as it is getting done by the amazing Ellie illustrates who makes blogs look gorgeous. I am also going to blog more often, don't hold me to that though as sometimes finding time to blog with children around is nigh on impossible. 

So what has been happening blog-wise in August? Well I have lots of exciting e-mails lately and I can not wait to share some great sounding reviews and things with you all, I know that is such a cliche saying that. 

We were invited to Jungle Jacks softplay In Newcastle which was perfect for toddlers. We reviewed some Professor scrubbington's products, Minion items from Asda, Funky Giraffe bibs, Toxic Fox birthday gifts and the most perfect book for Christmas a personalised copy of the snowman and the snowdog. My most popular blog post in August was Growing your pinterest account . My favourite personal post was Jacob you are one which was a letter to my baby boy on his first birthday.

Jacob 1st birthday cake

So that is what August was like for us, I am sure that September will be an eventful month as Chloe returns to school and Sophia will be starting a pre-school three afternoons a week. I am hoping to lose another half a stone on my diet this month, fingers crossed. And hopefully we will have some family adventures along the way too. 

What did you get up to in August? I would love to know. 



  1. Eeeeee haven't you been busy? It sounds like you have had quite a good month. I love reading your posts to see what you have been up to and where, makes me miss the North East so much man.
    How exciting that you are getting a blog makeover! Can't wait to see it. Are you going to stick with blogger or make the move over to wordpress too? I keep thinking about making the move but I quite like blogger x

    1. Aw you need to come home for a visit soon! I am sticking with blogger for now I have been thinking for ages about switching over to self hosted but I am not at all technical so if anything went wrong I would not have a clue how to fix it. I also really like blogger as it is so easy to use and I like the look of blogger blogs as I find them so easy to navigate and read xx

  2. August was super busy! Pleased you had lots of days out - it's not always the easiest with toddlers!

    1. It really is not always easy having days out with toddlers , they need so much stuff and get bored so easy when travelling so we mostly stay local. I can not wait until they are a little older so we can have lots of adventures like you do xx

  3. I have loved all of our days out in August too such a fab month. Ellie Illustrates is awesome she did my blog design, so I look forward to seeing what she does with you x

    1. I love August as my eldest is off school all month so we try and have lots of family time. I can not wait for my blog re-design, I love all of her work and I am hoping she will work her majic on my blog so I am finally happy with it xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely month all round! Exciting news on the blog redesign, too, always so exciting! x

    1. Thank you , I know I am so looking forward to the blog re-design xx


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