Monday 31 August 2015

Things We liked In August

I have really been neglecting my blog over the summer as we have been enjoying so many days out and making the most of family time. As a result of this, my little blog has been getting a bit neglected the last few months and I have had review items piling up. Instead of just posting review after review to catch up I thought that I would combine them into one post reviewing some of the items that we were sent. 

Firstly we were sent some Thomas J Fudge salted caramel Florentines, these are described as being "A tantalising trio of chocolate, nuts and sated caramel". I am not normally a fan of anything salted caramel flavour but I thought I would give these a try.  They were rather nice they had a nice blend of nuts, raisins, chocolate and caramel and were really chewy and perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea as a treat.
salted caramel florentines

We were also sent some bottles of Zoflora disinfectant in Citrus fresh and Bouquet fragrances. These are coming in very useful at the moment as we are currently potty training our toddler and these have been so useful for cleaning up little accidents she has had on the wood flooring, also for cleaning her potty out after use as this kill's 99.9 % of bacteria. 

They both have a lovely fresh scent which makes a nice change from some overpowering disinfectants. The citrus fresh is my favourite out of the two as it nice and refreshing and I am not really a fan of floral scents. They really do eliminate bad odours and you can smell the Zoflora all day long but it is subtle and not too overpowering.


And lastly, as any regular readers know I have been doing the Slimming World diet as I am trying to lose all my baby weight (I have a lot to lose) and I was kindly sent some lovely recipe books to try out. One of the books I was sent was Slimming Worlds Little Book Of Summer, this is a really handy little recipe book that is small enough to fit in your handbag yet is jam-packed with over 130 pages of mouthwatering summer recipes.

Slimming World Little Book Of Summer
The book is full of meals to suit everyone with a range of snacks, main meals, desserts and drinks with a good selection of vegetarian options too. There is a really nice Turkey and pepper goulash recipe which is so quick to make and some mouthwatering cherry cheesecakes in a jar that I am planning on making this week. 

Even though summer is almost over I know that I will still be making recipes from this book throughout the year and that I will be coming back to it next summer for lots of picnic inspiration. You can buy the Little Book Of Summer from Slimming World groups priced at just £3.95 which I think is a total bargain. 

Disclosure: I was sent all of the above items free of charge for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own. 


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