Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Slimming World Weigh In After Two Week's Off

It seems like ages since I have wrote a Slimming World post, with my last one being my 13 week update. I am now on week 16 of Slimming World. The reason I have not written an update for a couple of weeks is simply because I have not been to class, as I missed two weeks. The reason I missed two weeks is because the first week I was exhausted as Jacob has still not been sleeping and I just could not face getting myself and the two little ones dressed, ready and out the house by 8am to attend class, as simply as that. The second week I missed class as we had a last minute family day out at the beach, I ate fish and chips and had an ice cream whilst we were out. I'm not going to lie, I really enjoyed it.

This week I was determined to go to class as I knew that if I missed another week I would end up not going back and would fall off the plan, which is the last thing I want to happen. So I went to class on Thursday morning fully expecting a gain as I had not only had fish and chips and an ice cream but I also had a Chinese take away at the weekend too. 

I was amazed to find out that I had actually lost 2.5lbs, just half a pound away from my one and a half stone award. After 16 week's on the plan I was expecting to have lost a lot more weight then I have done if I am honest. I only have myself to blame as I have missed a few weeks along the way, which has not helped my weight loss at all. But I love the plan as it just goes to show that you can still go out and have a treat with family or a weekend takeaway, as long as you get back on the plan for the rest of the week you will still have a loss on the scales. 

This week I was really hoping to get back on track and stick to plan 100 % as I really want that one and half stone award, and also to get my two stone award by Jacobs first birthday in a few weeks. However I am going to be honest and say I have totally not stuck to plan at all the last three days, in fact I have been terrible. 

Thursday after class I came home and ate a battered chicken burger in a bun with chips from the chips shop for lunch. Friday we went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I had nachos, a wrap with coleslaw and skin on fries and then half a portion of churros with chocolate dip. Then it gets worse as I had a chicken kebab wrap with half a portion of chips from the takeaway for tea. I woke up today feeling really bloated and rubbish but I have still ate buttered toast for breakfast along with my two hi-fi bars, I skipped lunch as I was busy and ended up eating a bag of crisps and another hi-fi bar. I soon realised I needed to get back on track and have had a good tea of grilled lean pork steak with salad and new potatoes, which are all free foods. 

I am determined to try and stick to the plan 100 % for the rest of the week and I have planned lots of slimming world friendly meals for the next few days to hopefully keep me on track. I am just hoping this will be enough to minimise a big weight gain next week, but if I do have a big gain then I only have myself to blame. 

If you diet what helps motivate you to stick to it ? I would love to know as I am finding it so hard to stick to plan during the summer holidays. 

To find out more about the Slimming World plan or to find your nearest class then visit the website

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  1. I love how you have been so honest in your weight loss posts and I think the amount you have lost in 16 weeks is fabulous and you should be proud of yourself xx

    1. Thank you Sam, I like being honest in them as I think most people do struggle when losing weight and writing it down makes me realise I need to focus more. Thank you for your kind words I think I just wish it would come off quicker as I have a lot to lose xx

  2. It's hard to stick to plan, I struggle too. I love how honest you are with your posts, you have lost a lot and you should be proud of that! xxx
    Steph |

    1. I have just seen that you have joined Slimming World too, good luck. Thank you Steph I think that it helps motivate me when I have had a bad week to write down that I have and hopefully it helps other people realise they are not alone if they have a bad day or two and as long as they get back on track they will lose weight too xx

  3. I think some weeks are harder than others to stick to a diet. But don't let s bad few days ruin your week draw a line & start again. Good luck x

    1. Thank you Laura, I think that is what I need to do and I thinking writing this down has helped me realise I need to get back on plan if I want to lose the weight xx


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