Sunday 9 August 2015

Funky Giraffe Bibs : Review

One baby item that I think that you can never have enough of is baby bibs! You will need them for the early newborn days to clean up milk dribbles and sick right through to the toddler days when you will need them for teething dribbles and messy eating. Over the years I have brought so many different bibs from so many different places and by far my favourite kind is the stylish bandanna bibs as I think they look nicer and can complete a little outfit. I have brought a few over the years both online and from the high street and have found Funky Giraffe bibs to be the best, they are very absorbent as well as being super stylish. 

So when I was offered the chance to review some Funky Giraffe bibs for Jacob I jumped at the chance, as now he is a little bigger I thought he could do with some more stylish bibs. We were given the choice of which bibs we would like and I opted for a ten pack of bibs that I thought would look great with his outfits. The pack contained a mix of plain coloured and patterned bibs in a range of blue, black and grey colours and with a rocker theme to them with patterns such as motorbikes and guitars. 

pack of ten baby bib

The bibs arrived quickly and I was impressed with the quality of them as they are super soft and have a fleece backing to them making them very absorbent, perfect for a dribbly teething baby like mine. There are two poppers on the back to fasten them so you can have it on a small or larger fastening. I personally prefer popper fastenings as little ones find them harder to undo and they wash better than Velcro fastenings. 

back of bibs

Jacob is 11 months old and he is a big boy and these bibs fitted him perfectly and I know that they will last him for a long time. They seemed really comfortable for him to wear as they have been designed with folds in the material around the neck making them comfortable for babies. The cut of the bibs also makes it a great fit to stop dribble and milk spills escaping down the creases of babies necks. Jacob dribbles all day and his tops were kept dry when wearing these bibs, even when he was drinking his juice which he normally spills everywhere. 

Jacob in the garden wearing Funky Giraffe bib

Another thing to mention is that these bibs have washed really well too and have stayed feeling really soft even after a wash. The patterns on them have also stayed in great condition and have not come off or faded like so many do after a wash. 

You can buy these bibs online in packs of five or ten or as singular bibs and there is a huge selection of designs to choose from for boys or girls or in unisex designs. Prices start at just £2 per bib and there are often many special offers available, with a ten pack like we got costing £20. They also sell satin and personalised bibs for special occasions and a range of other baby products like socks and scratch mitts.

 Have you tried Funky Giraffe bibs yet? 

Disclosure: I was sent these bibs free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all words, opinions and photos are my own. 



  1. Love Funky Giraffe bibs - we had a few for Sophie and they are so soft and wash so easily. Love the selection that you got for Jacob :-)

    1. Thank you Lousie, they are really soft aren't they and I was very impressed with how well they washed xx


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