Wednesday 30 September 2015

Christmas Stocking Fillers From The Works

This year seems to have flown by so fast and now that the children have been back at school a few weeks and the weather is getting colder and the nights darker it can mean only one thing, Christmas is coming! I love Christmas and being a mum of three I start planning what I am going to buy months in advance, in fact, we have already started shopping for gifts for the children.

Each Christmas they get one big present and then smaller ones and I also like them to have lots of stocking fillers too. I normally really struggle with buying stocking fillers as I am so disorganised I normally leave them until the last minute and then never know what to get so just end up getting lots of sweets.

This year I plan on being more prepared though and have already started planning what I am going to get my two toddlers, my teen and my partner in their stockings this year after rediscovering The Works. Where I use to shop all the time for books when there was a store local to me and which stocks a great selection of stocking filler gift ideas at fantastic prices. 

For my two toddlers I have found a great selection of items such as 1.) The Night Before Christmas book £2.00. 2.) My first little library book set £7.00 3.) Fisher Price Doodle Bear £14.99 4.) Sofia the first backpack £4.99 5.) Disney Junior Treasury £7.00. I know that my one year and two years old would love these items as they are huge Disney Junior fans. 

For my teen daughter who is normally really hard to buy for I surprisingly found so many great gift ideas like 1.) The Hunger Games trilogy book set £7.99. 2.) Green Jelly Baby light £9.99 3.) Snow scooter £19.99 3.) Nail Pen Salon £7.00 4.) Friendship bracelet set £7.00. 

For my Partner and other adults in the family, I found so much choice with a fantastic selection of books and novelty items. I opted for 1.) Hairy Bikers cookbook £12.00 2.) Sudoku book £4.00 3.) A cocktail box set £7.00 4.) Wooden bowling alley £5.99 5.) Puzzle ball £4.99. My dad loves cookery shows such as the Hairy Bikers so he would love this and I think most adults like little novelty gifts at Christmas so these items would make great stocking fillers. 

So if like me you are starting to plan your Christmas shopping already then why not check out The Works as I am sure you will find a gift for everyone at a fantastic price. I already have my eye on a few books for myself. 

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  1. I've never seen a snow scooter before! I often pop into The Works they have some great prices on toddler books x

    1. Me either but it looks amazing. They really do have some great prices on books xx

  2. Snow Scooter? That's an awesome idea but we don't have snow here. But it is a cool gift. I like books sets as well. It is so hard to buy for teens!

    1. it really is so hard to buy for teens, I have no idea what to get mine for Christmas as she already has everything. I love the idea of a snow scooter too I would have loved one as a child x


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