Thursday 24 September 2015

Slimming World Week 21

Last week I was feeling a bit down that I had gained weight, as I really wanted to lose weight each week so that I would get my two stone award by the end of the month. I was feeling a bit demotivated this week but I did stick to plan and did not turn to comfort food like I would have done in the past. I think after following the plan for so long now I have broken the comfort eating cycle, hooray.

Anyway, on to this week, I meal planned once again and I tried some new meals this week and I also had an SP day which basically means that you just eat speed foods (fruit and veg) and protein-rich foods, so no rice or potatoes. I thought I would find it hard but it was really easy and I found that I was still really full from my meals. I had fruit for breakfast followed by a big fry up for lunch and swede topped Shepard's pie with vegetables for tea. 

three slimming world meals
my meals this week

This week I have eaten steak and new potatoes, Nandos chicken with SW chips and salad, Chinese style chicken curry with fried rice and SW chips, swede topped Shepard's pie, fajita chicken with wedges, chicken salad and pasta bake. All delicious meals that do not sound at all like diet food, but they are all healthy and cooked the SW world way and the whole family enjoys them.

I was hoping for a loss this week and I did, in fact, lose 2lb so now I am only 3lb away from that two stone award. I was unable to stay to group this week as the other half has hurt his hand so I needed to get home to get the little ones ready for bed. I was pleased with my loss and was feeling hopeful that I would get that much sought after two stone award next week.

 We went out for a pub lunch yesterday and I was really good and ordered grilled chicken breast with salad and a baked potato. Normally when we go out for a meal I see it as an excuse to cheat and eat whatever I like, then I end up feeling bad and eating more rubbish and giving up on my diet. Now I think I have finally realised I can still eat out and enjoy myself and just order something healthier that I will still enjoy.

Even though I have started off this week on a good start I am expecting a gain this week simply because it will be star week and we are also off to review a hotel this week and I just know that I will probably want to enjoy a cooked breakfast and something nice for tea. We are also visiting Beamish and I think I will be tempted by the fish and chips and old-fashioned sweets, but as long as I don't go crazy hopefully the damage won't be too bad and I will have a good loss the week after.

How do you manage to stay on plan when staying in hotels or on days out? I would love to know. 



  1. Those meals look delicious!! You are doing soooo well and you are almost there, don't feel down heartened if you have a bad week, you have come so far so don't give up!

    Gemma xxx

  2. The food all looks really good. I'm thinking of starting SW once I've had the baby. I'm exactly the same with eating out. I can't get out of the mentality that eating out is a treat so I should have whatever I fancy! x


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