Wednesday 4 September 2019

Things I Loved August 2019

August is normally one of my favourite months, it is my son's birthday month and the children are off school for the whole month. However this August has been tough, the kids have been fighting nonstop during the holidays as we have had hardly any days out compared to normal due lack of funds and the other half being at work 6 days a week during the holidays. I thought the month was rubbish and we had not done a lot, but by writing these posts each month I realise that actually we did do some nice things and it wasn't all bad at all. 

So here is a look at some of the things that I loved in August 2019. 

The children on a plane fair ground ride at Flamingo Land theme park

1.) Flamingo Land 

We visited Flamingo Land them park in North Yorkshire for the second year in a row, I wrote a blog post on last years visit. This time the teen and her boyfriend came with us and it was a lovely day out, it is rare finding something that all three children enjoy but they all had a great day at Flamingo Land. It was really busy, full of wasps and a few of the big rides were out of action when we visited but we still had fun. The sea lion show, water ride and submarine ride (be warned you will get very, very wet) were highlights of the day. 

2.) Jacob's Birthday 

Jacob turned 5 and we celebrated with a little tea party at home and the trip to Flamingo Land the day before his birthday. All he wanted this year for his birthday was football stuff, he got new football boots and a Chelsea strip (his choice) and a basketball hoop which he loves! He had a Spiderman cake and a pizza take away tea which he was happy with. I always feel bad he never really has a party but with his birthday being at the end of the holidays it is hard to plan things, next year we have promised him a football party though. 

3.) NCS 

The teen has been away with NCS for most of the month, she went to Langdale in the lakes for a week doing adventure type stuff which she enjoyed. She then spent a week living in student accommodation in Newcastle then two weeks doing voluntary work and team-building skills. She really enjoyed taking part and she has learnt some invaluable life skills and I would recommend NCS to anyone as it has been brilliant for her.  

4.) GCSE Results

The teen got her GCSE results and she did good and got the grades she needs to study A-Levels at 6th form. We did have tears as she failed an exam that was her strongest subject (History) which is away to be remarked and she didn't pass French but she passed everything else and got good grades. She will be studying Geography, Sociology and Fine Art as A-Levels at a local 6th form school which she is looking forward too. 

5.) Celebratory Meal Out 

To celebrate the teen doing well in her GCSEs we had a day out just me and her and we went for lunch to Chiquitos and shopping in Newcastle. It was nice spending time alone with her and we always try and spend one on one time with each child every few weeks as I think it's important for them to have undivided attention, it is something we have been doing ever since the little two were born. 

Kynren outdoor show in Durham set

6.) Kynren 

I went to see Kynren this month and even though it was pouring with rain when we visited I still really enjoyed the show. If you haven't been to see it yet then you really should as it is a brilliant show that the whole family will enjoy and it is just incredible. 

7.) First Football Match

Jacob started football training with a local team at the start of the year and he absolutely loves it, he is still too young to play proper matches but he had his first friendly match this month. They didn't win but he didn't mind as he just loves playing football so much. He was also over the moon to have won player of the week twice this month too. 

8.) What If - Netflix 

I recently watched What If staring Renne Zellweger (Bridget Jones) and I was hooked. I binge-watched the show over a few nights and really hope they make a second series. It is worth a watch if you're looking for a new Netflix series. 

9.) Wedding Photo's

At the start of the month, we got our professional wedding photos back and I love them, we have hundreds of photos of the big day and they capture the day perfectly. It is lovely being able to have the photos to look back on and there are so many photos that we had no idea had been taking. 

10.) Day's Out 

I felt a bit rubbish the kids didn't have as many days out as normal this summer due to the teen being away and the other half working. However, looking back we did still have some good days out. We had some days out at the beach, we visited Morpeth Park with friends, visited the cinema to see Toy Story 4, went swimming, saw a pantomime, had sleepovers at Grandad's house, went to Flamingoland, had a tea party and so many other things. 

So those are some of the things that we have loved in August, it actually wasn't such a bad month after all. I have loved sending time with the children but I am also glad to be back into our routine of school and after school clubs, although I bet it won't be long until I am counting down until the October half-term break. September is set to be a busy month for us as we have a few adventures planned and the other half finally has a long-overdue week off work. 

How was your August? 


  1. I'm glad you wrote this post and saw all the good things. It looks like a great August.
    I've not been to Flamingo Land since I was at school. It was always a fun day out.
    Happy belated birthday to Jacob. It is hard to organise parties when the kids birthdays fall during the holidays.
    The NCS sounds fantastic. Well done to your teen with her GCSE's. So sorry about history. I hope she has a great time at 6th form.
    I have seen a few of your wedding photos and they are just beautiful x

    1. Thank you so much Kim, it really is hard when kids have birthdays in the holiday's - all three of mine do eldest is always October half-term, middle is May half-term and youngest during the summer holidays xx

  2. I know how you feel with thinking you haven't done enough, just know that spending any time with your little's is doing something.

  3. Oh Flamingo Land is one of our all time favourite places! It's just the most fun!

  4. You had a busy August. Sorry to hear about your teen's History. I hope it gets remarked properly. Have a lovely September.

  5. Awww chick, it sounds like you had a full on and fun August! The 6 weeks have flown by and I feel like we haven't done anything either, but when looking through images etc, I realise we did so much more than I thought!
    I binge watched What If too - strange and what a cliffhanger at the end, roll on series 2! Sim x

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who often feels like that xx

  6. Sometimes you need to list it all out to see what you've done and actually it wasn't all bad!

  7. Well done to your daughter on her results, she did amazing. I think you did lots of lovely things this month.

    1. Thank you, I am very proud of her as she worked hard despite having a tough few months with her health and being in and out of hospital in the lead up to her exams xx

  8. I really want to take my son to flamingo land. Glad the teen got the results she needs for college

    1. Thank you, we are very proud of her. Oh you should it is such fun and plenty for young children xx

  9. Well done on the GCSE passes and glad she got what she needed to start her A-Levels. Flamingo land looks fun


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