Thursday 29 August 2019

FlipaZoo World Toy Review

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FlipaZoo Word is a new range of toys from Character Options, they have plush soft toys and some fun playsets available. Each of the toys in the range can be flipped over to reveal another character, making them double the fun for children. We were sent a selection of toys from the range to see what the children thought of them, we were sent a large 16-inch FlipaZoo plush (£16.99), a smaller 8-inch FlipaZoo plush (£9.99) and a FlipaZoo playset (£13). 

two FlipaZoo lush animals and a fire engine playset in the garden

Like a lot of young children my two love soft toys, so they were happy to see the plush toys to add to their ever-growing collections. My 6-year-old claimed the larger one which was a chocolate coloured dog on one side and a white cat on the other side, she instantly knew how to flip the dog over to discover the cat on the other side and she thought they were both really soft, cuddly and cute. The large plush comes in different character options, all animal-themed such as cows, elephants and horses. 

large white cat plush toy

My 5-year-old claimed the smaller plush as he loves penguins and we were sent a penguin plush which flipped into a white seal. Again he instantly knew what to do flipping the penguin into a seal in a matter of seconds. It is really easy to flip the toys over, you just hold the tail end and pull the body over the animals head to change them. 

white seal plush toy on a bench in garden

penguin soft toy in garden

We were also sent a FlipaZoo World vehicle and playset which is a dragon that turns into a fire engine, you can push them along and play with them and they also come with a mini-figure that also flips and can sit in the fire engine. At 5 and 6 I think that my children were a little too old for the playset as they soon lost interest in it, but I imagine that a younger child would really enjoy it (recommended for children 3 and over). There are three different vehicle sets available - the dragon to fire engine set we received, a polar bear to an ice cream van and a giraffe to safari vehicle set. 

fire engine playset on a garden bench

These toys are good for children who like animals and soft toys and I think they would be good for imaginative play. Children will love the surprise element of being able to flip the toys over to reveal another animal on the other side. 

dragon toy on garden bench

You can buy FlipaZoo World plush toys and playsets now from leading toy retailers such as Argos and Amazon. 

Disclosure I was sent these toys for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.


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