Thursday 12 September 2019

Our Wedding Day

After two years of planning and so many wedding countdown posts on this blog, we finally got married back in June and I thought it was about time that I sat down and told you all about the big day. It seems so long ago now and myself and my husband (it still sounds so strange saying that) were talking this morning and said we both wish we could re-live the day again as it just went so fast and we wish we could enjoy it all over again. 

Backworth Hall grounds

The day of the wedding I woke to lovely sunshine which I was so relieved about after the weather forecast had been rain and thunderstorms in the lead up to the day. I spent the night before the wedding at home with the three children and Lee spent the night at his mam's house a few miles away. I woke really early and enjoyed a coffee in peace before the kids woke, I felt surprisingly calm all morning which definitely made things more enjoyable. 

hairdresser putting tiara in hair

The morning of the wedding I got ready at my dad's house as it was the house I grew up in and I thought it would be nice to get ready there. My nieces and brothers partner were there and hair and makeup arrived to get us all ready for the day. The whole morning was pretty chilled out, the kids played in the garden and we chatted and enjoyed a glass of fizz and time just whizzed by. 

wedding bouquet of pink and ivory roses and peonies and ivory wedding shoes

Before I knew it I had to get in my dress and it was time to leave to get to the venue. My dad was given the task of arranging transport and he had arranged for his friend who used to be a wedding chauffeur to drive to the venue in my dad's car which he had decorated with ribbons and flowers when I was not looking. 

Arriving at our venue Backworth Hall I was a bit nervous but after a quick chat with the registrars, it was time to walk down the aisle! I walked down the aisle after the children to the piano guys version of a thousand years and all I can remember is telling my dad off for standing on my dress. The whole ceremony just went by so quick and it really is true what they say that you forget everyone else who is in the room as you are just concentrating on getting the vows right. 

wedding bands and engagement ring

Then we were husband and wife! 

We walked out to the Greatest Showman song a million dreams grabbing a glass of bucks fizz on the way outside as it was boiling hot! Everyone was melting in the ceremony room as it was the hottest day of the year so far - not fun when you're wearing a big wedding dress. 

Confetti throwing and formal photographs followed in the beautiful grounds and it was so lovely to chat to friends and family and enjoy a drink in the sunshine whilst the children played on the lawn. We honestly could not have asked for better weather, it was lush and we got some amazing outdoor photographs. 

us at wedding venue

We opted for a sit-down meal of chicken liver parfait with red onion jam and ciabatta followed by char-grilled chicken breast, dauphinoise potatoes in a chicken jus and summer berry Eaton mess for dessert. The reception room looked beautiful all set up with tall glass vases with blush and ivory flowers and blush chair sashes with ivory roses to match our colour scheme (courtesy of Vanilla Teas). We had cookie favours with our initials on them and I made the place settings which were clay hearts with everyone's name on. 

backworth hall wedding room, large vases on tables

The speeches made me cry as my dad mentioned my late mam as I missed her more then I have ever missed her before on my wedding day especially as I got married on her birthday,  half the room was in tears. We were soon laughing again though as Jacob had some signs which he held up during the speech saying clap, cheer and boo which we had no idea about. 

son holding a sign saying boo during wedding speech

More family photos followed which were fun and so us and then it was time for the night time party to start! The kids were straight on the dance floor having the time of their lives, dancing barefoot and laughing nonstop. Our first dance was too James Arthur Falling Like The Stars which we only picked a few days before the wedding as we wanted a song none else we know had used before. I hated the first dance as everyone was watching and we just swayed in the middle - cringe! 

black and white photo flowergirl dancing at wedding

The cake was cut - a beautiful three-tier semi-naked cake covered in shimmering fruit with flavours of lemon, vanilla and white chocolate and raspberry (again by Vanilla Teas). I drank lots of pink gins and lemonades - so refreshing on a hot summers day. The children went home with my mother-in-law around 9pm as they were exhausted and it meant we could have a drink, dance and catch up with friends and family without having to keep wondering what mischief they were up to. 

three tier wedding cake on wooden cake stand covered in fresh fruit

We ended the night dancing away to clubland hits and it was the perfect end to the evening. 

We had such a lovely day and it was so nice to celebrate with all of our family and friends, we had 46 day time guests and around 110 evening guests. I was so grateful some of my family had travelled hours to be at the wedding and it was so nice to see family and friends we haven't seen for years. 

first dance - copyrighted photo

I am so glad that we took the plunge and got married at last, truthfully nothing at all has changed as we already have a house together and children and I personally think children are a bigger commitment than marriage. However it is nice to be married and have the same surname as the children, I love that they were old enough to be there and to be a part of the day as they loved every second of it. 

I just wish that the day had not gone as fast as it did as it was over in the blink of an eye, but it really is a day that we will all remember forever. I will be writing some blog posts in the coming weeks about our wedding suppliers - all of which I would recommend, as our suppliers all made our day perfect. 

Photographs by our wedding photographer Paul Flannigan Photography



  1. Ahhh this so lovely, what a beautiful day you had. The photographs are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Ahhh what a gorgeous post and lovely photos. Congratulations on your beautiful happy day!

  3. Aw congratulations! It all looks beautiful. I still remember my wedding day like yesterday! Totally one of the best days of your life x

    1. Thank you Sarah, I hope I can still remember mine in years to come - the day went so fast x

  4. It looks and sounds like you had the most amazing day!
    Gorgeous photos x

    1. We really did, I am so glad we did it and the children were old enough to be involved x

  5. Wow what an amazing wedding day. congratulations by the way. You look beautiful and so does the venue and details xx

  6. Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning. I also love the soft colours of your flowers in your bouquet.

    1. I adored the flowers the florist did an amazing job x

  7. Belated congratulations on your wedding! And gorgeous photos - I especially love the one with the boo sign!

    1. That was a total surprise to us, my dad planned it all - they got lots of laughs x

  8. Beautiful photos and beautiful day. I wish I could re live my wedding day, it went too fast and we had so much fun>

  9. Congratulations, your photos are wonderful and it looks like such a lovely, happy day! Melis x

  10. hat a very romantic wedding. Everything looks perfect. Both of you looks stunning. Bet the guest really enjoyed your special day. Congratulations!


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