Wednesday 25 September 2019

A Family Night In With Arla Goodness

Advertorial feature. 

September always feels like a fresh start, the children go back to school and families get back into a routine after the fun of the summer. I always spend September getting organised and trying to make healthier food choices for my family after a few too many treats during the holidays. As my children are getting older - they are 5,6 and 16, this is especially important as they always come home from school starving and a little bit tired and grumpy whilst they settle back into routine and new school classes.

So when we were challenged by Arla Goodness to enjoy a family night in I thought this was the perfect way to relax after a busy week of school. We all know that milk is a good source of calcium and important to support normal bones and teeth and Arla new Goodness milk provides 50% of an adult's daily calcium requirement in just one 250ml glass. Arla Goodness is a new milk that contains just 1% fat and 30% more protein than semi-skimmed milk making it perfect busy families to incorporate into family life for growing and active children. 

Arla Goodness milk, popcorn, hot chocolate , family night in

My little two love drinking milk but getting my growing teenager to drink milk can often be a struggle these days. So I was keen to get her to take part in our Arla Goodness night in too as dairy is such an important part of a balanced diet, plus it is nice to actually spend time with her as she is always out with her friends since starting 6th form. 

The weather has been cold and rainy here in the North East recently, there is definitely an autumn chill in the air so having a cosy family night in was much needed for us this weekend. We kicked off our Goodness night in by decorating some mugs, the children adored doing this and had so much fun drawing what they thought Goodness meant to them, they drew sunshine, flowers, fruit and happy smiling faces on their mugs. 

Next up was the bit they were super excited about making hot chocolate in their newly decorated mugs with a chocolate stirring stick. They dutifully poured some Arla Goodness into their mugs to measure it then we warmed it in a pan, once warm we poured it back into their cups and they used the chocolate stirrers to make yummy hot chocolate drinks. Such a perfect treat for a cold autumn day. 

daughter poring a mug of Arla Goodness milk in the kitchen

We then settled down with popcorn and a film - we watched the new Dumbo film which was a great family movie. It was so nice to spend time with all three children, they chatted about their new school classes and what they had been up to and it was lovely to catch up, chill out and have a nice relaxing night together. 

Now the nights are getting colder and darker I think that we will certainly be having more Goodness nights in as the children really enjoyed it - so did us grown-ups. We will be stocking up on more Arla Goodness milk too as I prefer the taste to regular milk and I can rest assured that the children are getting a little more goodness in each glass than alternatives. 

Arla Goodness is available to buy now in selected Tesco and Sainsbury stores you can find out more at

Disclosure This is a collaborative post with Arla Goodness, however, all opinions and images are my own. 



  1. What a fab wee night. Sounds like you all enjoyed x

  2. Sounds like a lovely evening. My oldest has just started school so we're all still getting used to the routine.

  3. We loved our Goodness night in. The popcorn maker was a big hit.

  4. Oooh I do love creative nights in. And that popcorn maker? I want it!

  5. Sounds like a great night in, my son loves milky drinks so it’s good I know he’s getting his calcium

  6. I really want a popcorn maker now!!

  7. The milk sounds really lovely. Will check it out.


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