Thursday 2 May 2019

Two Months Until I Say I Do

Time really is flying by as it is now just two months until I get married, having booked our wedding two years in advance it feels a bit surreal to now think it is just a matter of weeks away. This month has been a bit stressful, we haven't heard back from some of our suppliers and we still have quite a lot to pay off as I booked loads of little extras we don't really need but which I like. I was feeling really overwhelmed by it all but I am feeling much more positive about everything now. The closer we get to the wedding the more things are happening, it feels like every day we have something wedding related to sort out at the moment. 

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What We Have Done This Month

This month has been super busy wedding wise, at the start of the month the other half went on his stag party to the races and then out in Newcastle. I was expecting him to come home in a drunken state but he wasn't too bad, he was home by 8pm and came in and fell asleep on Jacob's bedroom floor. I also had my hen party last weekend with 15 of my family and friends and it was good fun, we got a limo into Newcastle and then went for a meal and drinks. 

We had a meeting at our venue earlier this week to go through timings and how things will run and we paid all of the day time food off. I feel a bit better after speaking to our wedding coordinator as he will take care of everything on the day. I also booked a venue dresser this week who will do all the centrepieces, chairs and things, which is one less thing for us to worry about. 

I had my first dress fitting yesterday which I was nervous about as I couldn't remember what my dress looked like. When I first put it on I didn't like it but once they pinned me in (it needs some alterations to make it smaller) I felt happier. I also bought my hoop for under my dress and a veil and practised waking in my dress - it is harder than I imagined. 

We have all of RSVPs back for the day time now so I need to do a seating plan this week and get a table plan and place cards sorted. 

Still To Do

With only 8 weeks to go there is still so much to do, we need to meet with our photographer, videographer, DJ and florist. I need makeup and hair trials and to book my beauty treatments in, I also need to buy my perfume and jewellery to wear on the day. The groomsmen all need to go for a suit fitting this month and we need shoes for all of the children. 

I have some little bits still to buy such as confetti, sweets, gifts etc. We need to settle on songs, as we still don't have a first dance song or ceremony music. We have to pick our vows and have a meeting with the registrar a few weeks before the wedding and we also have a rehearsal booked at the venue a few days before the wedding. 

There are probably lots more things that I have forgotten about, I have to do lists all over the place.  But I am feeling more positive and organised than I did last month. So that is where we are at with the wedding planning at the moment. I have been so laid back all the way through planning but I am regretting that a bit now as I still have all the little bits to sort, but whatever will be will be and I am sure it will all work out fine in the end. 

If you are married how did you find the final few weeks? 


  1. Oh how exciting so great to hear that you are feeling more positive and organized this much - there is so much to do in the run up to a wedding but sounds like you have got this!

    1. There really is, It is all the small things which are proving most stressful x

  2. What a great post! The 2 months will absolutely fly by and it will all be over in a flash!

  3. Aww i am so happy for you and I am sure everything will go off without a hitch, glad you like the dress as that's the main focus :)

    1. Thank you, it is the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever worn x

  4. How exciting, loved the run up to our wedding and now planning our daughters

  5. Ooh so exciting! Planning your wedding is such a special time, I'm sure it will all go really well!


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