Tuesday 28 May 2019

Pop Pop Snotz Toy Review

Like most young children my 4 and 6-year-old love tiny collectable surprise type toys and slime - thanks to Youtube! My daughter has so many collectable surprise type toys and her little brother always wants to join in but there are not many available for boys that appeal to him. So when we heard about Pop Pop Snotz I knew these would be something that he would really enjoy as they have sets that will appeal to boys and girls. 

We were sent the green ones which are called Pop Pop Snots and are little balls you pop, kind of like bubble wrap and when you pop them green slime comes out. Some of the Pop Pops have just green slime in them and some of them have a small collectable snotz toy in them. These are probably more appealing to little boys, although my daughter liked them just as much as her brother; they do Pop Pop Pets which are pink and purple too. 

toys from pop pop snotz

To Pop the Snotz you just squeeze the little bubble pop with your fingers until they pop and the slime pops out. My children did manage to pop some of these themselves but some we had to help them with as they couldn't manage to pop them. Each Pop Pop has slime in it, which is really slimy and great fun for kids but make sure they open them somewhere where it is easy to clean up as my two got it everywhere despite sitting at the dining room table. 

pop pop snotz in wrapper

You get a sheet with each pack which like most collectable toys tells you which character you have found, their name and if they are rare or not. We opened quite a few packs and were pleased to find we only had a couple of duplicates and a few rare characters. 

green slime in pop pop snotz toy

Pop Pop Snotz are recommend for children aged 5+ however my two (aged almost 5 and 6) did struggle with popping them and didn't really have a lot of interest in the toys once they were open as they were really tiny. However, they did really enjoy the surprise element to these toys and of course the slime. I do feel maybe children aged 7+ might enjoy them a bit more than my two did. 

popping open pop pop snotz toy green slime and small toy

Pop Pop Snotz are available to buy now from leading toy retailers such as Smyths, Argos and The Entertainer. You can buy 6 packs for £2.99 and 12 packs for £4.99 making them an ideal pocket-money type toy to enjoy this summer. 

Disclosure I was sent a bundle of Pop Pop Snotz for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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