Friday 26 April 2019

Creating A Candy Buffet For Our Wedding With Swizzels


In just two months time I will be getting married and I am really looking forward to spending time with all of my friends and family and I really want to create a nice day not only for us but also for our guests too. We have picked food that hopefully everyone will like, we have a DJ and entertainment booked to entertain our guests, we have an amazing photographer to capture the big day and we have a brilliant wedding coordinator who I trust will make our big day run smoothly. So now I am busy planning lots of little finishing touches that our guests will enjoy. 

candy buffet table for a wedding, sweets in glass jars with pink ribbon

One thing that I knew I wanted as soon as we started planning a wedding was a candy buffet, so the children (and adults) could enjoy some yummy treats as they danced the night away. Candy buffets are so popular at weddings these days that I think it is kind of expected of us to have a one, originally we were going to have a sweet cart but they can be rather pricey and I have already blown our wedding budget - oops! So I decided to create a sweet table instead as they are much more affordable. 

palma violets and fizzer sweets in glass jars

From the start, I knew that I wanted retro sweets that remind me of my own childhood and that all of our guests would be familiar with, after all, you have to have a bit of nostalgia at a wedding. Swizzels Matlow is that brand, home to classic sweets such as Love Hearts, refresher bars, Parma violets and drumstick lollies - perfect wedding sweets. 

personalised love heart sweets in a glass jar with lid

They also make great wedding favours too as you can get personalised Love Heart sweets and also giant sized Love Hearts, Parma Violets or Fizzers and get them personalised with your guests' name which not only makes fun place settings but also doubles up as wedding favour too and at only 60p each they are a bargain.   

drumstick lollies in a glass jar with a pink flower

The Swizzels Matlow website has a whole section on wedding sweets, with favours, wedding love hearts and a candy buffet selection. As you are ordering direct and in bulk, the sweets are really affordable too, I got a 5kg bundle for £24.99 and we had loads of sweets and filled up 8 glass jars with the sweets.

sweets for a candy buffet

The 7kg Candy Buffet bundle consisted of 1kg of each of the following sweets 

  • Love Hearts 
  • Refreshers 
  • Drumstick 
  • Parma Violets 
  • Fizzers 
  • Fruity Pop Lollies 
  • Double Lollies 
love hearts and frui lollies

I also got some personalised Love Hearts which have our names on and were £10 for 50 rolls and I think are a lovely personalised touch to our candy buffet table. You can personalise them however you want, we just opted for the words Just Married and then Mr & Mrs our married name. I can't wait to see if our guests notice our married name on them. I think that they are the most perfect sweets to have at a wedding, everyone loves Love Hearts and the messages inside can be rather cute and romantic. 

mini rolls of love hearts personalised for wedding

We got glass jars from Home Bargains and Asda to display the sweets in which were really inexpensive and we also got some cute paper sweet bags and sweet scoops so our guests can create there own mix up at the candy buffet. We originally planned the candy buffet for the children but I think that the grown-ups will enjoy it just as much as the children, I imagine some of them will be like kids in a candy store quite literally. 

love hearts, lollies and refresher sweets in jars

I am really starting to get excited about our wedding now and I can't wait to see all of my guests enjoying the candy buffet and reminiscing about old times. 

candy buffet set up

I just need to make sure I hide the sweets so that the kids and my other half don't eat them before the wedding! 

Which is your favourite Swizzels sweet? 

Disclosure I received these sweets free of charge and was also compensated for this post. 



  1. That is such a good idea. So much fun too!
    I love the personalised Love Hearts. x

    1. They are so cute aren't they, I can't decide if I should have them as part of the sweet table or if I should use them as favours x

  2. Love the idea of a candy buffet for a a wedding and you can't beat Swizzels for that - love the nostalgia of those sweets.

  3. Oh what a fab idea! We love Swizzels here, I am all about the drumstick lollies!

    1. Love a drumstick lolly, the taste reminds me of childhood x

  4. Never heard of a candy buffet before, what a fab idea! Love Swizzels as well, so nostalgic. Hope you have a fab day

  5. I love this idea - what a lovely idea for a wedding

  6. Oh sweet buffets are my favourite at weddings and parties. Just love you can dip in and out of them to give that energy to dance right through the night

    1. Exactly, I have a feeling the adults will enjoy it more than the kids x

  7. This is a great idea. I have never heard of a candy buffet before. So unique.

  8. We had a sweet buffet at our wedding and it went down really well with our guests. The perfect thing to nibble on throughout the day :)

  9. I think this is a super great idea. Simple but cute, fun and guests have something sweet to eat or take home xx

    1. Thank you Melanie, we have little bags so people can create their own pick n mix x

  10. This is such a good idea! I love the personalised packets


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