Tuesday 8 January 2019

My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts In 2018

At the end of each year, I sit down and have a proper look at my blog analytics to see which posts I have written have been popular that year. Like last year most of my traffic still comes from old slimming world recipes that I have on Pinterest however I am getting a lot of traffic on a whole range of posts this year. Last year my top ten popular posts were all local ones but this year there is a real mix of travel posts, local content and even a few sponsored posts that performed really well too. So here are my most popular blog posts from 2018. 

sunset over the beach in Santa Ponsa Majorca 2018

1.) Pirates Village Hotel Majorca Review 

Back in May, we went on our first family holiday abroad to Pirates Village Hotel in Majorca, which we paid for ourselves. After I had posted some photos of our holiday on Instagram so many people were asking me about the hotel so I decided to write a blog post and it received so many views and still does now from people searching what the hotel is like. It is a Pirate themed hotel and it is perfect for a family holiday with young children as it is such a child-friendly hotel and my children still talk about it now 8 months later. 

2.) 10 Reasons To Visit Pirates Village In Majorca

Another post about Pirates Village was a quick post I only published in October listing 10 reasons to visit Pirates Village hotel. This post was just ten reasons why we liked the hotel, things such as how child-friendly it is, it was secure, close to the beach etc. I was surprised this post performed so well, but again it still gets daily hits from people searching for reviews of Pirates Village. You can read the post here.

3.) All-Inclusive Food At Pirates Village Hotel

There is a bit of a theme going on here, but yet another popular post was about the all-inclusive food at Pirates Village hotel. I published this in June, as before we went on holiday I tried searching to see what the all-inclusive food was like at the hotel but I couldn't find any information about the food or drink online so I decided to write a blog post about it in case anyone else wondered what the food and drink were like. It was actually really nice and much better than we expected. 

4.) Kynren - An Epic Tale Of England 

Back in August, I was lucky enough to be invited along to Kynren in Durham to watch the show and it was amazing! Kynren is an outdoor live-action show telling the story of the past 2000 years of life in England, it was like nothing I had ever seen before and so well organised. It is only on during the summer and if you ever get the chance to go and see it then I would highly recommend it as it was brilliant. 

5.) National Citizen Service For Teenagers

This was actually a sponsored post that I was paid to write about back in April and it performed really well and much better than I expected. It was about National Citizen Service a programme for teenagers who have just completed there GCSEs and it helps prepare them for life after school with a residential trip, activities and social action projects. It is really affordable and looks great on CV's and college applications and keeps teens occupied, I am hoping my own daughter takes part. 

6.) Making Healthier Choices With Change4Life

This is another sponsored post I worked on with Mumsnet and Change4Life and again I am surprised it performed so well. It was all about the Change4Life food scanner app and making healthier food choices for myself and my children. The app is super easy to use and free to download and is an easy way to help make healthier food choices. 

7.) A Pizza Party At The Astley Arms

Back in the summer, we were invited to our local Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery to try out the new children's pizza making party. We visited the Astley Arms which is in Seaton Sluice for Jacob's 4th birthday and it was so much fun, the kids enjoyed making their own pizzas, the staff were lovely and it was so stress-free. Priced at just £6.99 per child it was super affordable too and a great way to celebrate a birthday without the hefty price tag some parties come with. 

8.) Our First Family Holiday 

Yet another post about our holiday to Majorca, this time a post about our first holiday which I published back in May. This was just a post about our holiday, something for us to look back on as a family someday but it proved popular. We had such a lovely week away and it has well and truly given us the travel bug and we can not wait to travel more as a family. 

9.) Supporting The #IWill Campaign

This was another sponsored post I was paid to write with Mumsnet and #IWill, it was about supporting social action and I interviewed someone from a voluntary charity. Before having my youngest two children I worked in social care, I studied for a social care degree and have NVQs in social care and is something that I used to have a big interest in and know a lot about so it was nice to write about something I knew about and believed in. 

10.) Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big

In October we were lucky enough to be invited to review Disney On Ice at Metro Radio Arena for the fourth year in a row. This year myself and Sophia went with her friend Caitlin and her mam and we had a lovely time. I loved this year's show and it was my favourite show yet with all the princesses and I must have seen at least ten Disney On Ice shows over the years. 

So those are my most popular blog posts from 2018, they are different to 2017 posts and 2016 popular posts which just shows you never know what posts will perform well each year as blogs grow and evolve. I wonder what my most popular posts from 2019 will be.



  1. I’ll have a wee read of these posts. After a quick skim of your Disney on Ice post, I’ll defo be reading more!

  2. That's a great selection of posts. They are quite varied which I love. It sounds like Majorca is popular with you.

    1. I love Majorca, such a great holiday destination I would visit every year if I could x

  3. I've never actually thought about looking to see what my most popular posts were last year. Doh! I shall have to do it, though I think I know what ones will top the rankings!

    1. You should look, some of the ones that do well on my blog surprise me x

  4. I can see why these blog posts are popular. I remember reading them all.

  5. Wow looks like you have had a very fab and successful year. Love all the holidays away and Majorca sun would be most welcome right now xx

    1. Thank you, I wish I had a holiday to look forward to at the moment as I love the sunshine x

  6. People love to visit places that have been reviewed by families, its nice to know what your expecting. I'm sure lots of families have had a lovely holiday, thanks to you


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